Avianca increases its frequencies by 23% in Colombia by the end of the year

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Avianca increases its frequencies by 23% in Colombia by the end of the year
Thu December 17, 2020

The airline enabled direct flights from Barranquilla, Cali and Medellín to Miami, without having to go through Bogotá

Through a strategy to strengthen its operation, Avianca expanded its operating capacity by 23% nationally and internationally, compared to the one operated in November. Thus, facing the high season at the end of the year, the airline has a total of 766 frequencies on 62 routes to Colombia (29 domestic and 33 international).

National market in Colombia, strengthened
For the Colombian domestic market, the airline has made a commitment to offer more connectivity options on the routes with the highest demand on flights from Bogotá to cities such as Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Pereira and Santa Marta.

This strengthening in the operation and increase of seats in the market began from the opening of flights, however, the airline prepared for the high season at the end of the year, and for the month of December a strengthening is reflected in routes such as:

Cali and Medellín from Bogotá: each operates with 77 frequencies a week.
Bogotá -Bucaramanga: customers have 35 weekly frequencies.
Bogotá- Barranquilla: went from 49 to 56 weekly frequencies.
Bogotá-Santa Marta: went from operating 28 to 35 weekly frequencies.
Bogotá – Pereira: it went from offering 28 to 35 frequencies a week.
Bogotá-Armenia: doubled its operation, going from 7 to 12 frequencies a week.

Growing international chairs
At the international level, traveling from Colombia, the frequencies increased by 104%, since it went from operating 93 weekly frequencies to 190 since December. The destinations with the highest increase in their chairs are:

United States from Bogotá: the airline doubled its weekly frequencies, and went from offering 7 flights to 14 for the Bogotá-Miami-Bogotá and Bogotá-New ​​York-Bogotá flights.
United States from Barranquilla and Cali: Direct flights from Barranquilla and Cali to Miami were activated with a total of 3 and 4 weekly frequencies.

The airline will maintain 4 weekly frequencies from Medellín to New York and Miami.

Ecuador: For direct flights from Bogotá to Guayaquil and Quito, it went from offering 7 to 14 weekly flights.
Mexico and El Salvador: From Bogotá to Mexico City and San Salvador, it went from 7 to 10 weekly flights.

“Since the reactivation of domestic and international flights in the country, the airline has made sure to activate more and more routes and more frequencies that meet current passenger demand, so that we can generate profitable and sustainable growth in the market. Without a doubt, this strengthening of operations is good news for the connectivity of the country, where we have been present for 100 years, ”said Julián Laverde, Vice President of Network Operations at Avianca Holdings.

The airline will continue working to offer a smooth operation, however, it is important to note that the restart of the air operation throughout the country is being gradual and in turn the number of flights approved by the authorities is limited. Therefore, the availability of chairs depends on the authorized capacity.

Passengers with confirmed tickets are recommended to self-manage their trip on the "MY TRIPS" section website and on the other service channels where they can find out the frequencies and existing availability.


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