Guatemala will promote tourist destinations within the framework of the bicentennial

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Guatemala will promote tourist destinations within the framework of the bicentennial
January 04, 2021

Inguat authorities seek to increase international tourism in a responsible way to avoid the spread of COVID-19

Source: AGN 

With the arrival of 2021, a new stage begins for Guatemala, as it will arrive at the bicentennial of homeland independence.

This commemoration is conducive to carrying out a series of activities and promoting the country's tourist destinations internationally, according to the authorities.

Within this framework, the director of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (Inguat), Mynor Cordón, indicated that a comprehensive campaign will be carried out during the first quarter of the year. It is intended to place Guatemala as a priority tourist destination in the Central American region.

"We are waiting to fulfill the projects that we have stipulated to promote the bicentennial of Guatemala," said the official.

He added that inter-institutional work will continue to promote responsible tourism and prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

He also pointed out that the Inguat will work together with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), to seek more flexible alternatives in the entry of foreign tourists.

The intention is to facilitate the arrival of visitors and see Guatemala as a safe tourist destination, mainly in the framework of the bicentennial.

Among the strategies already in place at La Aurora International Airport is the presence of an MSPAS team that performs tests to detect the disease.

These are practiced on travelers who due to force majeure or time could not obtain the result before arriving in the country, but did do the corresponding management. In addition, the validity period of the tests presented by the people who arrive in the country was extended.

National and foreign passengers who demonstrate (present printed or digital proof) that they carried out the procedure to obtain PCR or Antigen tests and that due to external circumstances they were not able to obtain the result on time.

According to the director of Inguat, Costa Rica is one of the countries that have increased international tourism after stopping requesting coronavirus tests (COVID-19).

In that nation, this measure was replaced by medical insurance that covers the tourist's stay in the territory.

This allowed increasing the number of visitors of European, American and Canadian nationality, according to their authorities.

After the reactivation of tourism in Guatemala, the Inguat implemented the certification of the tourism biosafety seal. This includes compliance with the Good Practice Guidelines for the Prevention of COVID-19.

During 2020, the members of the tourism value chain applied biosecurity measures such as temperature measurement, placement of gel alcohol dispensers, social distancing and clean areas. Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, tourist guides and means of transport, among others, were recognized for these aspects.

More than 200 companies dedicated to tourism received the seal and provide their services safely.


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