Travelers entering in Colombia can do the PCR tests

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Travelers entering in Colombia can do the PCR tests
Wed January 06, 2021

Tourists will have the possibility of taking the test upon arrival maintaining isolation while the result is known

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, said that last night a new resolution was issued regarding the request for PCR tests for travelers entering the country, taking into account the decision of the 11 administrative court of orality of the Bogotá circuit. 
"Yesterday we issued Resolution 002 that has to do with the test for international travelers," he said. 
The head of the Health portfolio explained that for a long time the impossibility and the difficulty that exists to do it has been expressed from the Ministry, this in front of the guardianship ruling. 
"We maintain our position that this ruling has an impossibility of compliance, we ask the judge for clarification and based on it, we issued the resolution under which travelers who enter Colombia are given the possibility to take the test in Colombia", Minister Ruiz pointed out. 
The norm establishes that the boarding of travelers who in the country of origin do not present a PCR test should be allowed when they verbally state that they had difficulties to take the aforementioned test or to obtain the result in the term required before the flight; For these purposes, the verbal manifestation of the passenger will be sufficient, which will be understood to be made under the gravity of oath. 
"When boarding the plane, the person states that he had no possibility of taking the test, he arrives in the country and takes the test while maintaining isolation while the result of the test arrives. It facilitates the process and allows that there is no problem upon arrival in the country" said the holder of the Portfolio.
The passenger must inform the Migration Officer at the time of immigration control if they have the PCR test with a negative result for covid-19.


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