2021: lessons learned, rearrangement and motivation

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2021: lessons learned, rearrangement and motivation
Wed January 06, 2021

Although the year has not started as the industry would have dreamed of, the scenario is undoubtedly very different from 2020 and the industry arrives much more prepared to operate in complex situations

2020 has left a huge range of teachings to the tourism industry, each lesson has been learned with great pain, but that means that this season both the public and private sectors have a lot of information to be able to plan how to implement each measure and the mechanisms that must be put in place so as not to further affect the sector. 
Apart from this fundamental point, another promising aspect is that companies have been adapting to their new reality and therefore today already represents another scenario to organize each department and its operation. Something that in the past season has been in many cases pure improvisation reading the minute by minute.
On the other hand, in 2020 a process of reorganization of each segment of the tourism market began, including alliances, mergers and unfortunately bankruptcies of companies. This year, experts point out that there will be continuity in this matter and perhaps 2021 will be the year where the board is ordered towards the years of recovery, with the health crisis over.

Breaking down by segments, the destinations and the support they can offer to the aviation industry will be decisive since this will be the starting point of the entire operation of the sectors.
In the hotel industry you will have the challenge of having new hotels that this year are added in the region and a poor demand. There it will also be important for each state to review how they can help so as not to damage the infrastructure for the future.
While the cruise companies have put a preventive stop until March and then evaluate what the path will be, but they will not be able to stop operating for much longer. There are also great unknowns there. Other companies such as rent a car and all kinds of receptors will undoubtedly be urged to survive, since 2020 has left it without room for action.

Motivation, key to recovery
With the outlook we have described, it will be vital to maintain faith that 2021 will not be a negative year. The industry has shown incredible resilience and adaptation. As we have mentioned, even with a complex outlook, this season may still go down in history as the gateway to the much-heralded recovery from 2022 onwards. As each process may require more perseverance and patience but without a doubt, at the end of the road, it will have been worth it.


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