MTur establishes partnership to promote smart tourist destinations in Brazil

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MTur establishes partnership to promote smart tourist destinations in Brazil
Fri January 08, 2021

Objective is to support the development of tourist cities and, at the same time, offer better experiences to tourists

The Ministry of Tourism began the year 2021 determined to promote and stimulate the development of Intelligent Tourist Destinations in Brazil, transforming tourist cities into destinations that allow innovative and unique experiences for visitors. To this end, it signed a partnership with the Argentine institute Ciudades Del Futuro (ICF) and with the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR), from Spain, pioneering institutions in the segment.

The objective of this partnership is the construction of a methodological model that allows the development of Intelligent Tourist Destinations in Brazil with a view to improving the management and the levels of tourist competitiveness of the destinations.

An Intelligent Tourist Destination is an innovative destination. It is thus characterized by offering its visitors innovative and quality products and experiences, based on the structuring and convergence of five pillars: governance; innovation; technology; sustainability; and accessibility. In other words, when it comes to smart tourist destinations, digital technology is just one of the pillars of necessary improvements in destination management.

“Tourists are increasingly demanding and interactive. The actions of the Ministry of Tourism aim to enhance technological development and present more competitive, attractive and innovative destinations, both for visitors and residents ”, highlights the national secretary for Development and Competitiveness of Tourism, William França.

The methodology developed by SEGITTUR will be adapted to the Brazilian reality by the Ciudades Del Futuro Institute. The idea is to implement it, initially, in five destinations in the country, representing the five Brazilian regions, in a pilot project. With this, it will be possible to analyze the current procedures and the implementation of the strategies, considering the regional specificities.

The director of the Department of Marketing and Competitive Intelligence for Tourism, Nicole Facuri, points out that the initiative should boost Brazil competitively worldwide. “We will have a technical reference to favor the improvement of the tourist positioning of Brazilian destinations at national and international levels, which will benefit the entire tourist system of Brazilian destinations, including public managers, entrepreneurs and, by extension, the set of local communities and its residents, ”he explains.

The initiative involves, in addition to the development of a methodology adapted to the Brazilian reality for the development of Intelligent Tourist Destinations, the realization of a situational diagnosis of five destinations that will be part of the pilot project and the training of federal and local managers.

It is also planned to monitor the implementation of solutions related to efficiency in governance; the correct use of public resources; respect for accessibility standards and sustainability principles and, also, the use of technology in favor of the enhancement of destinations and their heritage, while meeting the demands of tourists and visitors.

INNOVATION - The Ministry of Tourism has already been working to promote innovation in the country. Last year, it signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations to implement the 4.0 Tourism Chamber. The initiative will make it possible to identify bottlenecks in tourist destinations for the implementation of technological tools, infrastructure actions and other innovative solutions in Brazilian tourist destinations, in a responsible and integrated manner with the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Also last year, the Ministry of Tourism launched the 1st Brazilian Tourism Innovation Challenge, in partnership with the Wakalua Innovation Hub - the first global pole of innovation in tourism, and with the World Tourism Organization (WTO), UN agency dedicated to the sector. Three Brazilian companies that participated in the Brazilian challenge are competing as finalists in the 3rd Global Startup Competition of the OMT, whose result is expected to be announced later this month.


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