Siteminder receives significant recognition

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Siteminder receives significant recognition
Wed January 13, 2021

For the second consecutive year, the technology firm achieves the first position in the "Best Channel Manager" category of the HotelTechAward 2021

Consistent attention to customers over the past year has resulted in SiteMinder, the leading guest acquisition platform in the global hospitality industry, garnering the highest number of votes from hoteliers in the 2021 HotelTechAwards Awards. company has moved from third to second place this year in the Hoteliers Choice Awards, which recognize the most customer-centric global companies. In addition, it has been the year in which the technology multinational has obtained the most votes in different categories, which shows the versatility and breadth of the SiteMinder platform. 

For the second year in a row, SiteMinder takes the top position in the 'Best Channel Manager' category. In addition, it is among the first three in the category of 'Best Booking Engine', due to the support provided to hoteliers, who thanks to the platform have managed to increase their direct reservations during the COVID-19 pandemic. SiteMinder also ranked second as 'Best Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence' and was recognized as one of the '10 Best Places to Work' in the industry.

The HotelTechAwards select their winners from more than 200 of the world's best hotel technology products. Founded by Hotel Tech Report, they are the only awards program in the hospitality industry based on quantified data, where the winners are determined by reviews made by thousands of users from more than 120 countries verified in hotel technology.

"Winning a HotelTechAward is the industry's greatest achievement because it is based on objective data. Hoteliers trust this award when making purchasing decisions because scoring is transparent and the industry's most reputable providers participate in voting," says Jordan Hollander , General Director of Hotel Tech Report.

"We are very grateful. From the first months of 2020, every decision and investment we made was specifically to benefit the hotels we serve. We are very pleased that those decisions have impacted the lives of our clients in this critical year. From distribution to direct bookings, market intelligence and significant real-time local support, we are pleased that our solutions have helped our customers in so many ways. I am excited about what we can bring to them in 2021, "says Sankar Narayan, Managing Director of SiteMinder.

Jesús Rubio, e-Commerce manager at ehogroup, is one of the thousands of local SiteMinder clients in Spain. "Since we embarked until today, our experience with SiteMinder has been excellent. Its platform has given us the ability to quickly update our rates and inventory, something that is key to being able to stay agile and up to date," explains the executive.

More than 300,000 hospitality industry professionals visited Hotel Tech Report during the duration of the awards to review more than 10,000 new and verified products. These will help more than 100,000 industry professionals make informed purchasing decisions each month.


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