PROMTUR Panama renders 2020 management report and presents the 2021 operational plan

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PROMTUR Panama renders 2020 management report and presents the 2021 operational plan
Thu January 14, 2021

The main novelty of the DMO for this season is the launch of the tourist brand in September 

Consolidating the structure of the destination marketing organization (DMO), whose main function is the promotion and international marketing of Panama for all tourism segments and products, became one of the main milestones of PROMTUR Panama's 2020 management.

In its report, the non-governmental organization highlighted the three pillars of its 2020 strategic objectives: consolidating the DMO, a better-known Panama and generating demand. 

Within the consolidation pillar of the DMO, the organization detailed that, of the 24 professionals required by the structure, during 2020 11 positions were hired. Additionally, PROMTUR contracted technology tools and services, generating savings and ease of administration of the Destination for the users of the platforms. 

In the 2020-2021 Industry Report, he also announced the various activities that PROMTUR Panama developed to increase awareness of the role of the DMO and the impact of tourism on the country's socioeconomic development, among which more than 90 meetings with the community, participation in 13 virtual forums, sending more than 22 newsletters to the industry and weekly updates on the website and social networks. 

Within the objective of a better known Panama, PROMTUR Panama made reference to the hiring of the public relations agency at an international level and the Discovered By Nature campaign. As a result of the agency's management, between September and December 2020 there were more than 150 positive news about Panama and more than one billion impressions in the most relevant international media, such as The New York Times, CNN Travel, Travel + Leisure, Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, among others. For its part, the Discovered By Nature campaign reached 99 million impressions. 

Within the virtual session, PROMTUR Panama also detailed that in 2020, the destination was promoted in 14 international showcases, 8 related to the vacation segment and 7 to the meetings and business events segment, better known as MICE. 

On the Generate demand pillar, the destination's marketing organization highlighted the relationship with more than 150 potential clients and meeting organizers through the following trade shows: Luxury Virtual Meeting (United States); IBTM World (Spain); IMEX (United States); Expo and Virtual Forum of Global Tourism (Latin America). Additionally, the sales representation agency for the United States and Canada, Marketing Challenges, a specialist in DMOs based in New York, and strategic alliances with international wholesalers such as MAXITRAVEL, TUI (Spain) and Lufthansa City Center were hired. 

Panama as a world-class sustainable vacation destination 2021
In addition to the results of the 2020 management, PROMTUR Panama released the Operational Plan for this year, which aims to position Panama as a world-class sustainable vacation destination based on the Plan Sustainable Tourism Master (PMTS) 2020-2025 approved and disclosed in September 2020 by the Tourism Authority of Panama. 

To achieve the above, the DMO contemplates the construction of an authentic tourism brand that Panamanians are proud of and visitors love. As well as carrying out a series of tactical actions that involve: the awareness campaign (Discovered By Nature); a marketing alliance with the Smithsonian; as well as press trips and media outlets in the main international markets. 

In his speech, Woodrow Oldford, Director of Marketing (CMO) for the DMO, added that the impact of the pandemic on the industry has reinforced the need for plans to be flexible, highlighting the following: “In our 2021 plan, we are balancing short, medium and long-term goals with a flexible plan that responds to the challenges posed by the pandemic. We are already marketing our country with an “always-on” presence. We need to generate tourism income for our industry now, to ensure we have something to offer visitors in the future. At the same time, we are building a true tourism brand that Panamanians are proud of and visitors love. This will be an evolution of the current strategy,

For its part, with the interest of continuing to increase knowledge of the destination, PROMTUR Panama detailed the following actions: training in destination sales for more than 3,500 travel agents, building relationships with the main wholesalers and reaching out to planners of meetings virtually to promote the destination. 

The organization added that for the first half of the year, the destination will be promoting itself in seven (7) international fairs in order to reach tour operators and travel agents in the main issuing markets for visitors.  

Finally, it was learned that the DMO has formalized marketing Co-Op alliances with airlines, travel agencies and bed banks, wholesalers and the meeting industry, highlighting Lufthansa City Center, TUI Spain, MAXITRAVEL, Expedia, Hotelbeds, PriceTravel, among others that are in the order of priority for the first semester 2021, in attention to the priority markets detailed in the PMTS.

This virtual space allowed the audience to obtain information on the most relevant issues of the organization's management. Those interested can find the Industry Report 2020-2021 in the following access.


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