The Floreana Island of Galapagos is a Magical Town of Ecuador

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The Floreana Island of Galapagos is a Magical Town of Ecuador
Mon January 18, 2021

Its historical richness, the warmth of its people and its natural charms allowed it to achieve recognition, after fulfilling the requirements 

The Floreana Island of Galapagos was declared a new Magic Town of Ecuador, this Friday, January 15. Its historical richness, the warmth of its people and its natural charms allowed it to achieve recognition, after meeting the requirements to become the first destination with this distinction in the archipelago.
The Minister of Tourism, Rosi Prado de Holguín, made the declaration and mentioned that: “it has been a year of efforts within a pandemic and difficult times but there was the desire and push especially of the Citizen Committee, Ministry of Tourism, GAD Municipal San Cristóbal and the Galápagos Government Council to obtain this designation ”.
Prado de Holguín pointed out that the declaration is the beginning of what it means to be a Magical Town of Ecuador. Later, support will be provided by technicians from the Ministry of Tourism to encourage entrepreneurship, promotion and other benefits.
For his part, Henry Cobos, mayor of the San Cristóbal canton, stressed that for Galapagos it is historical to recognize Floreana as a Magical Town and it is a distinction that must be taken care of through the articulated work between the institutions.
Within the framework of the declaration, the Minister of Tourism, together with Mayor Cobos and other Galapagos authorities, toured the Asilo de la Paz accompanied by a community guide. This site is one of the main attractions of Floreana where the Cave of the Pirates and a historic freshwater spring are located.
At the end of the event, a recognition was given to the minister by the GAD Parroquial Isla Santa María and GAD Municipal de San Cristóbal.
Later he visited a farm in the rural area and a business that uses local products to prepare coffee, wine and yogurt.
Floreana Island was one of the first islands to be inhabited and currently has a population of approximately 188 inhabitants. In addition to achieving the declaration of Pueblo Mágico, it has been established as a safe destination through the implementation of actions and guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Santos Moreno, a member of the Floreana Citizen Committee, affirmed that this declaration will also allow them to preserve the art and culture of the island for future generations.
In this way, the Ministry of Tourism continues to promote the Ecuador Magic Towns Program to diversify the tourist offer at the national level, by enhancing the localities that have the conditions and particularities necessary to implement processes to strengthen tourism activity.

Agenda on Santa Cruz Island
As part of her work agenda in Galapagos, Minister Prado de Holguín visited the undertaking led by Johanna Moreno, which is part of the strengthening of attractions in the rural area linked to the caves, canyons and tunnels of lava in the adventure tourism mode.
He also visited the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center where the "Galapagos Up" program is implemented. The initiative, promoted by the Association of Galapagos Operating Agencies and the Association of Galápagos Naturalist Guides, offers guidance services to improve the visitor experience.


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