LATAM reinforces its connectivity reaching 112 destinations

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LATAM reinforces its connectivity reaching 112 destinations
Fri January 22, 2021

In Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, the airline will increase 11 domestic routes in January, reaching as a group connectivity to 112 destinations

With the resumption of 11 routes in domestic markets in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, LATAM Airlines Group reports that the operational estimate for January 2021 would be 40% compared to the same period of the previous year. These new routes would add 770 daily domestic and international flights connecting 112 destinations in 16 countries. Of the LATAM subsidiaries.

LATAM Cargo foresees a start to the year in which it will maximize the use of its fleet, especially before February 14 to strengthen the logistics chain for the transport of flowers from Colombia and Ecuador.

All estimates are subject to the evolution of the pandemic, as well as to travel restrictions in the countries where LATAM operates.

During December 2020, traffic (measured in rented seat-kilometer - RPK) was 34.5% in relation to the same period of the previous year. This considered a 38.3% passenger operation (which is measured in available seat-kilometer - ASK) compared to the same month last year, so the load factor decreased 8.4 percentage points to 75.2%. There has been a gradual recovery during the last months where the operation of October and November 2020 was 26.8% and 33.4%, respectively, when compared to the similar period of 2019.

LATAM Group Operation Estimate - January 2021

46% projected operation (versus January 2020)
63% domestic and 24% international
Total January routes: 85 domestic (equivalent to 406 daily flights) and 15 international.
Three new domestic routes:
Brasilia-Porto Seguro (from January 1)
São Paulo / Congonhas-Foz do Iguaçu (from January 1)
São Paulo / Congonhas-Ilhéus (from January 1)

Two new international routes
São Paulo / Guarulhos-Bogotá (from January 1)
Rio de Janeiro / Galeão-Santiago (from January 1)

30% projected operation (versus January 2020)
35% domestic and 27% international
Total January routes: 15 domestic (equivalent to 92 daily flights) and 14 international.
Two new domestic routes:
Santiago-Valdivia (from January 1)
Antofagasta-Concepción (from January 4)
New international route:
Santiago-Rio de Janeiro / Galeão (from January 1)

64% projected operation (versus January 2020)
67% domestic and 61% international
Total January routes: 23 domestic (equivalent to 100 daily flights) and 5 international
Six new domestic routes:
Cali-Medellín (from January 1)
San Andrés -Medellín (from January 1)
Bogotá-Valledupar (from January 1)
Cali-Santa Marta (from January 18)
Cali-Barranquilla (from January 25)
Medellín-Montería (from January 25)

30% projected operation (versus January 2020)
50% domestic and 22% international
Total January routes: 6 domestic routes (equivalent to 17 daily flights) and 3 international routes are maintained.

38% projected operation (versus January 2020)
57% domestic and 31% international
Total January routes: 18 domestic routes (equivalent to 104 daily flights) and 17 international routes


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