Yucatan will have a rapid Covid-19 test module for travelers to the United States

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Yucatan will have a rapid Covid-19 test module for travelers to the United States
Mon January 25, 2021

As part of the health bubbles offered by the destination, national and international airlines have approved their biosanitary protocols to form part of the Yucatan Good Health Practices Program with the endorsement of the WTTC

In accordance with the measures recently imposed by the US government in its Strategic Plan to combat Covid-19, the government of Yucatán, led by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, has prepared to facilitate the transit of passengers bound for the United States. , with the installation of a module for rapid antigen testing, which meets the requirements set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the Mérida International Airport.

With the support of the Secretariats of Tourism Development (Sefotur) and Health of Yucatán (SSY), as well as with the support of Grupo Asur and in coordination with the various airlines that operate international flights, this initiative is carried out to provide facilities to all those travelers who, after visiting our state, plan a flight with a final destination or with transit at some point in the American Union, since it will allow travelers to undergo a rapid antigen test for the detection of Covid-19, thus complying with the entry requirements to the United States.

It should be clarified that the test that will be available, both at the Mérida Airport and in the hotels and laboratories, will have a cost that must be covered by travelers and will be used exclusively for passengers with prior reservation and boarding pass for direct flights or indirect to North American territory.
Likewise, we recall that the information regarding the health requirements imposed by each government is constantly changing, so we urge travelers to take all due health precautions and consult the most up-to-date official sources.

These actions help us to continue consolidating Yucatán as a benchmark for Good Sanitary Practices and the construction of sanitary bubbles that provide reliable alternatives to our travelers and protect the health of the Yucatecans.
To date, Yucatán has implemented the Sanitary Certification protocol to tourist service providers throughout the value chain, already having more than 1200 companies, establishments and providers certified with the same biosafety standards, from guides, tour operators, agencies, carriers, venues, restaurants, hotels, Port Terminal, bus stations, Airport and airlines, among others.
The Certificate of Good Sanitary Practices Yucatán, consists of one of the most robust programs of its kind, Yucatán being the second state in Mexico to obtain the endorsement of the international Sofe Travels seal granted by the World Travel 8 Tourism Council (WTTC) and the homologation with the neighbor and ally state of Quintana Roo.
Complementing these health bubbles, recently the international airlines that operate flights to and from the entity, joined the group of tourism service companies with this same certification, receiving from the hands of the head of Sefotur, Michelle Fridman, the document that endorses their integration to this Program.


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