PTYpass, the application for the safe traveler visiting Panama

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PTYpass, the application for the safe traveler visiting Panama
Mon February 08, 2021

It is a comprehensive avant-garde solution that automates the entry / exit / in-transit processes of passengers traveling through the Republic of Panama and using air, land and sea ports

Panama is positioned as the most important regional Hub in the fight against COVID, by implementing comprehensive mechanisms that provide protection to both travelers and residents in Panama, with the creation of the PTYpass application.

PTYpass is an avant-garde comprehensive solution that automates the entry / exit / transit processes of passengers traveling through the Republic of Panama and using air, land and sea ports.

"All travelers entering the Central American isthmus will be able to enjoy a safe travel experience by downloading the free application from the iOS APPStore / Android PlayStore," said Chey Rodríguez, from LaTam Pass Holdings.

He explained that all users will have a travel assistance policy and private COVID medical coverage, 24/7 assistance for monitoring symptoms and immediate attention in case of any emergency during their trip.

PTYpass allows an automated process without human contact, with validated rapid tests, the highest standards in data management and privacy, accompanied by a 14-day COVID private medical and travel assistance coverage.

With this tool, the National Government will be able to identify epidemiological foci based on citizen information. This will allow continuous traceability to all passengers passing through the national territory.

"By establishing a test validation process at the ports of entry / exit, we eliminate many false tests that put at risk not only passengers, crew and port personnel, but also citizens and / or residents of Panama," he assured Rodriguez.

LaTam Pass Holdings is currently in talks with the Government of Panama to implement PTYpass and provide hope to the country's tourism industry, following the impact of COVID and rigorous global regulations.

How does PTYpass work?

● The traveler registers on the platform

● Validate the COVID tests (48 hours before your entry / exit) or you can request your quick test when arriving or leaving Panama.

● Make online payment with credit card

● Once registered you can download in the iOS APPStore / Android PlayStore or print your QR code)

● Present your QR code to the Panamanian authorities, if your proof was valid, continue to Migration with expedited passage.

● Passengers taking the test in Panama present their QR code at the laboratory located at the port of entry / exit and then to the Panamanian authorities.

Does it have any cost for the user?

The download is free.
The travel assistance policy costs $ 10
The COVID test costs $ 50 if performed at the port of entry and exit. (Passengers can choose their preferred laboratory and validate their test on the PTYpass platform).


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