RIU celebrates 20 years in Jamaica

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RIU celebrates 20 years in Jamaica
February 16, 2021

After its arrival in the country in 2001, RIU became the first Spanish chain to opt for Jamaica as one of its main destinations

In 2001 the Spanish hotel company opened its first hotel in the country, the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, in Negril. Since then, RIU's commitment to the country has continued to grow until today it has six hotels in three different destinations (three in Montego Bay, two in Negril, and one in Ocho Ríos). In addition, this commitment is reflected in the reform and renovation work that the chain has carried out in Jamaica: today, RIU has a completely renovated or newly built hotel offer.

Riu Palace Tropical Bay
With the inauguration of the Riu Palace Tropical Bay in 2001, RIU became the first Spanish chain to decide to bet on Jamaica as a destination in which to develop its operations. The challenge of bringing RIU's activity to Jamaica was a personal commitment from Luis Riu, CEO of the chain. “After my first visit to the island in 1998, I knew I had to get a RIU hotel open in Jamaica. I was in love with its beaches and its nature, but above all with its culture and the charisma of its people and I knew that our clients would also be attracted. At the time it seemed crazy, today it is a success story. Jamaica is one of the great destinations in the Caribbean, not only for the American, but also for almost all the countries in Europe ”, explains Luis Riu.

Riu Montego Bay
The opening of the Riu Palace Tropical Bay was followed three years later by the Riu Negril. From that moment, RIU continued to invest in other regions of the country as well, with which it continued with the opening of the Riu Ocho Rios in 2005. Two years later, in 2007, the Riu Montego Bay, its first hotel in the destination, would open. Over the years and until the recent renovation of the Riu Montego Bay in December 2020, the hotel chain has continued to invest in improving the infrastructures of all the hotels it has, in addition to having built two new hotels : the Riu Palace Jamaica and the Riu Reggae (opened in 2013 and 2016 in Montego Bay).

Riu Ocho Rios
RIU's growth and commitment to Jamaica has allowed the chain to generate more than 1,500 jobs in the country with its six operating hotels, among which there are still employees who began to weave the history of RIU in Jamaica in 2001. The performance of Each and every one of them has always been highly valued by all RIU clients in Jamaica, which is why the chain's hotels have received prestigious awards from the German tour operator TUI or the American tour operator Apple Vacations, such as the Golden Apple Award or Crystal Apple Award, based on feedback from hundreds of thousands of travelers who rate and rate the staff, service, food quality, facilities, beach, and activity programs.

Riu Palace Jamaica
Currently, RIU Hotels has more than 3,300 rooms and more than 6,700 beds in the country. After the pandemic, RIU was forced to close its hotels in March 2020, although a few months later it managed to reactivate its activity. The first to reopen its doors was the Riu Ocho Rios in June and right now the Riu Palace Jamaica and the Riu Montego Bay are operating, all of which implement the protocols included in the RIU Hotels Post-COVID Manual.


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