Panama launched a campaign to promote its destinations

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Panama launched a campaign to promote its destinations
Wed February 17, 2021

The goal is to encourage travelers to discover the iconic experiences that the country offers

PROMTUR Panama, Panama's destination marketing organization (DMO), launched the "Discover your Panama" campaign with the aim of encouraging travelers to discover the iconic experiences that Panama offers through the country's three heritages: Azul, Green and Cultural.

From exploring the endless waterfalls of the Santa Fe National Park to discovering Panama's best gastronomic experiences in Casco Antiguo, participants can choose five experiences they would like to live in Panama to generate their unique Traveler Profile, which provides a custom breakdown combined with suggested Heritage Experiences.

Based on your selections, each traveler will be assigned a combination of the following assets:

● Cultural Heritage, which celebrates the multifaceted culture of Panama, from gastronomy to art, history, indigenous cultures and more.

● Patrimonio Verde, which promotes Panama's unique biodiversity through national parks, protected areas and private reserves in the neotropical rainforest of Panama.

● Patrimonio Azul, which highlights the wonders of the ocean, the marine life and the paradisiacal beaches of Panama.

Whether classified as adventurous, creative, relaxed, curious or romantic, participants can share the results of their Traveler Profile with their followers on social media and encourage them to participate in "Discover your Panama." Participants can also find inspiration by learning about the profiles of prominent travelers, including prominent international influencers and bloggers such as Drew Binsky, Estefi Colombo, Alejandro Escallón, and Manu y Matheus, to name a few.


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