Muy'Ono Resorts, a sustainable experience in contact with the Belize community

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Muy'Ono Resorts, a sustainable experience in contact with the Belize community
February 22, 2021

The largest collection of independent hotels in the country, with accommodations in the jungle and private islands, is committed to local culture and the environment

Tourism is gradually resuming and Muy'Ono Resorts has made traveling easy and safe.

Certified with Gold Standard, they offer on-site testing for those who will be returning to their country and need a negative test to enter. In the unlikely event that a guest tests positive for COVID-19, they offer free nights for up to 14 days for international guests. Yes, FREE, if a guest develops a positive COVID-19 antigen test upon departure from Belize, after having a test run at the property. The hotel group also took care to offer staggered discounts, depending on the number of nights, offering up to a 30% discount for stays of 5 nights.

Muy'Ono Resorts believes that every tourist should have the opportunity to travel better. This means not only better experiences for the traveler, but also making the places traveled better. That is why Muy'Ono Resorts focuses on preserving the beauty of Belize through philanthropy, sustainability, celebrating culture, and the impact of its initiatives and attractions.

Accommodation at Muy'Ono Resorts has a direct impact, as a portion of each reservation is donated to local charities. Its hotels are also committed to not using any disposable plastic and have invested in sustainable energy sources, among many other initiatives, ensuring an ecologically correct vacation.

They have a farm that allows a gastronomic experience with organic, integrated and fresh products. The farm consists of collaboration between the resort chefs and the farm manager, who decide what to plant and when to harvest to ensure perfect production in all seasons. Each chef and mixologist at the resort develops a special menu featuring ingredients from the current season. The Muy'Ono farm is located in Cayo, Belize and grows more than 400 varieties of plants with inherited seeds, fed with pure water from the canopy.


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