INGUAT's commitment to reactivate responsible tourism this year

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INGUAT's commitment to reactivate responsible tourism this year
Mynor Cordón, INGUAT
March 01, 2021

The management team of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute shared with the media the strategic plan during 2021 that allows to support the sector

The Director General of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón, pointed out the importance of tourism in the country, a sector that directly and indirectly affects the economy of many Guatemalans who make up the tourism value chain. The main commitment is the reactivation of tourism in a responsible way, as well as the strong restoration of the country's image abroad.

The actions are directed in 4 axes that complement each other:

1. Biosafety conditions
INGUAT has been the forerunner in preparing the tourism sector to receive visitors with the sanitary protocols that apply throughout the country. We will continue to train and deliver the Biosafety and Safe Travel Seals, as well as the Q Seal, of tourist quality, in this way they have the confidence of the tourist's health security during their visit.
The topic of training the sector through digital tools is maintained for the different themes. In addition, audits are carried out in the implementation of health security protocols, in order to contribute to the recovery of the confidence of visitors.

2. Approach with interest groups
For INGUAT it is important to maintain constant communication with tourist sectors such as: chambers, unions, departmental municipalities, the media, international organizations, embassies, Executive institutions, collaborators, among others, in order to know their needs and thus contribute to the reactivation of their economy through the recovery of tourism in a safe and effective way.

3. National and international promotion
As part of the institutional function and in accordance with the Organic Law, the institution must develop tourism promotion campaigns to position the country's tourism destinations, segments and products. For this, different campaigns are carried out during the year such as:

  • Permanent promotion of each department
  • Accompanying campaigns for the different activities of the Bicentennial of Independence
  • QR codes
  • Support with Visa to facilitate the payment of services and products
  • Seasonal campaigns for Easter, mid-year holidays and the end of the year.

4. Promotion of commercialization
Through the development of strategic alliances to strengthen air connectivity to and from Guatemala, the development of familiarization and press tours, the holding of business conferences between the tourism sector at a local, national and international level, activation of tourist packages within the framework of specific campaigns, participation in national and international virtual fairs, as well as in tourist reactivation festivals within the framework of the Bicentennial, support in promotional actions through the Network of Commercial Counselors.

Finally, the World Tourism Organization -OMT-, has indicated that the international tourism movement may take a few years to recover, however, the evolution of the health context, immunization, as well as the restrictions imposed in the different countries of the world will affect their speedy recovery. That is why in Guatemala the tourism sector is working together to achieve this recovery in the shortest possible time.


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