Guatemala seeks to promote bird tourism

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Guatemala seeks to promote bird tourism
March 05, 2021

Within the framework of the Bicentennial of Independence, the INGUAT together with the National Bird Tourism Association promote the conservation of the National Bird

In Guatemala, more than 700 species of birds have been registered between residents (that reproduce in the country) and migratory (that come only for a few months from North or South America). These advantages of biodiversity have managed to position the country as a bird watching destination, due to the variety of regional endemic species that can be seen, including the Horned Turkey, the Pink-headed Chipe and El Quetzal.

The Quetzal inhabits the cloud forests from southern Mexico to Panama. It is believed that in its range of distribution there are approximately 50 thousand individuals. That is why the country is making efforts to conserve the National Bird through the "Strategy for the Conservation of the Quetzal" that brings together different government institutions, the private sector, academies and local communities.

The Director General of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón, pointed out: “Bird tourism is a form of nature tourism that generates income for local communities and this can be done in open spaces, which are the favorites in the current context where they can apply all biosecurity measures in the tourism sector ”.

The potential of nature and bird watching is also promoted in the framework of the Bird Watching Fair that will take place in La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez next April. Which aims to promote outdoor activities and the appreciation of the biodiversity of the central volcanic chain. As well as the cloud forests and pine oak forests of the mountains that surround the charming Colonial City.

The National Avitourism Association is a platform that brings together different tourism professionals, researchers, scientists, specialized guides and nature lovers, which promotes the development of the activity as a sustainable tourism product.


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