American Express releases 2021 Global Travel Trends Report

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American Express releases 2021 Global Travel Trends Report
Tue March 09, 2021

The study reveals that there is a pent-up demand among consumers globally and many people are beginning to make plans to travel in the medium term

American Express today released the American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends Report, which provides unique insights into consumer sentiment toward travel nearly a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began. The report's findings, based on survey research in seven countries, including the United States, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the United Kingdom, 1 show that consumers expect to travel again and are planning ahead. . excursions. Strong pent-up demand for travel - 87% of respondents said that having a planned trip in the future gives them something to look forward to, 76% of respondents are creating their destination wish list for future trips, even if they cannot travel yet, and 63% of respondents said they are saving credit card points so they can go on vacation once they feel comfortable traveling.

  • Ready to book now:  56% of respondents said they miss traveling so much that they are willing to book a trip now, even if they have to cancel it in the future.
  • Rise of The Digital Nomad:  54% of respondents said that the freedom and flexibility of being able to live and work while traveling the world is more attractive now than before the pandemic.
  • Safety is a priority:  65% of respondents said they plan to travel after they and their family members have received a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Privacy is the new  supreme  luxury :  75% of respondents agree that experiences that offer maximum privacy are becoming a key and coveted feature of luxury travel.
  • Sustainable Travel Rise:  68% of respondents agree that they are trying to be more aware of the sustainability-friendly travel brands they should support.

"Our latest global trends report shows that there is pent-up demand for travel among consumers, and many people are yearning and beginning to plan future trips," said Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel. “In addition, the pandemic environment is giving rise to emerging trends, such as the growing appeal of working from anywhere while traveling around the world, luxury is defined as more personalized experiences, cleanliness and privacy as the best luxury amenities. , as well as a growing interest in the environmental and social purpose of their trips and travel companies ”.

Here's a look at the report's key findings:

Consumers expect to travel again

People find hope and comfort in thinking and even planning future trips.

  • Travel to Uplift Health & Wellness: 78% of respondents indicate they want to travel in 2021 to relieve stress from 2020.
  • Planning and Paying for Future Travel: One in three say they will use travel credits or points more often to pay for all or part of a trip in 2021 than before the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lost Trip Compensation: 61% of respondents plan to spend more than they would normally spend on a trip in 2021, as they were unable to travel in 2020.
  • Consumers willing to make sacrifices to travel: 64% of respondents miss traveling so much that they would be willing to leave social media for a month to go on vacation.
  • Culinary tourism is here to stay: 62% of respondents say that eating is the main activity they are interested in doing while traveling, and American Express travel booking data for January 2021 shows that cities focused on lovers of food are top destinations for US and international cardholders. Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston are hot spots for US American Express 2 card members, while Mexico City, Singapore, and Tokyo top the list of International American Express 3 card members.

The new travel mindset

With regular changes in booking policies, travel deals, and new destinations to consider, a new travel mindset exists today.

  • Luxury Travel: The pandemic has changed people's perception of luxury travel with personalized experiences (82%), high standards of cleanliness (81%), and privacy (79%) as the most desirable luxury amenities among respondents 1 . 59% indicate they want to use a travel agent to help plan and personalize their next trip, and 80% indicate they are willing to travel to destinations during the off-season so there are fewer people.
  • Increase in 'second city' destinations: 69% of respondents are interested in visiting lesser known destinations and American Express travel booking data reinforces this trend, showing an increase in bookings for second city destinations. For example, Dallas and Charlotte saw a higher proportion of bookings from international card members in January 2021 than the previous year 4 and American Express travel consultants are receiving requests from smaller cities like Porto (instead of Lisbon) in Portugal and Wellington (instead of Auckland) in New Zealand.


Consumers are becoming more conscious travelers, are more aware of travel companies aligned with their values ​​and will travel to destinations where they can have a positive impact on communities.

  • Supporting local communities - 72% of respondents agree that they are passionate about traveling to destinations to help boost tourism revenue and the local economy 1.
  • Supporting travel brands that prioritize diversity and inclusion - 69% of respondents agree that they want to choose an airline / hotel that values ​​diversity and inclusion, and whose employees reflect a diverse customer base.
  • Carbon conscious travelers: 60% of respondents agree that they want to book airlines that have a carbon neutral commitment.

For more findings and more information on American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends Report, visit  here.


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