Singapore Airlines to test IATA digital health passport

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Singapore Airlines to test IATA digital health passport
Tue March 09, 2021

Passengers traveling from Singapore to London from March 15 to 28 will enter their health information in the mobile application that ensures data security at all times

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the first airline in the world to put into operation the digital health passport developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), called the Travel Pass. Passengers traveling from Singapore to London between March 15 and March 28 will be the first to test the second phase of the pilot program.

Through the IATA Travel Pass mobile application, SIA passengers will create their digital profile and can book an appointment to take a Covid-19 test at one of the seven clinics in Singapore participating in the initiative. They will also be able to check the test results and the status of their flight.

Before traveling, they must show their health status as it appears on the Travel Pass to the Changi Airport check-in staff, as well as a physical copy of the certificate issued by the clinic where the test was performed.

The centralized digital health verification process in a single application ensures a fast, easy and secure process, as personal data is stored on the mobile device and not in a centralized database, which is essential given the sensitive nature of health information.

A key project for the recovery of the sector

If the implementation is successful, the pilot program will pave the way for the integration of the entire health verification process into the SingaporeAir mobile app from mid-2021, also under the IATA Travel Pass. SIA will continue to work closely with its partners in Singapore and around the world in the implementation of these initiatives and towards the eventual recovery of an excellent travel experience for passengers.

JoAnn Tan, Acting Senior Vice President of Marketing Planning, Singapore Airlines, said: “The first phase of the pilot program helped SIA push forward a common criteria for the verification of Covid-19 tests and the health status of the passengers. We are confident that in the second phase we will be able to further streamline the process to integrate it into the SIA mobile application. This will provide a digital solution for our customers in the new normal and help achieve a smoother travel experience. "

Nick Careen, IATA Senior Vice President, Airports, Passengers, Cargo and Security, said: “Our partnership with Singapore Airlines for the first full deployment of the IATA Travel Pass will help get the world flying again. In the short term, it is the solution for travelers to safely manage their travel health credentials. In the long term, the digital identity elements of the IATA Travel Pass will put SIA passengers at the forefront for a contactless travel experience. "

The success of the first phase of the pilot

SIA had tested the first phase of its digital health passport, the first in the world based on the IATA Travel Pass framework, in December 2020. This enabled passengers departing from Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to manage their travel from easy and safe way.

The program has registered more than 200 verifications of health certificates of the passengers, without any fraudulent being detected. Airport check-in staff and Singapore's immigration authority verified the authenticity of these certificates through a mobile app and ensured that customers met Singapore's entry requirements.


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