's annual event addresses the future of travel

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Travel2Latam's annual event addresses the future of travel
Tue March 16, 2021

During the opening, the CEO of the company stated: "Hope has come in the form of vaccines that, over time, will give us back the shared joy of traveling"

Coinciding with the start of a new year that is expected to be one of the most critical for the travel industry, the annual event for partners, Click., Was the setting in which the digital travel platform revealed how it will contribute to the recovery and the future of the sector, and shared its key priorities for this year and the years to come. Click. brings together thousands of accommodation and transportation providers and travel experience and technology companies from around the world to inspire, support and connect partners, now more than ever. Glenn Fogel, the CEO, opened the event talking about the recovery of the sector in an optimistic tone: "Hope has come in the form of vaccines that, over time, will return the shared joy of traveling. .

In a highly interconnected environment such as travel, is committed to forging true partnerships, channeling demand to suppliers across the industry, listening and responding to partners around the world, and continuing to eliminate causes of friction. both from the point of view of travelers and the people who make the travel experience possible. This virtual event demonstrated's commitment to working, over the next few months, to build a better future for the travel industry. And to do this, it will focus on helping its employees capture demand, strengthen its payment platform and the Genius loyalty program, and simplify the way employees can share sustainability information with customers.

Directing demand towards collaborators as trips are resumed
In Click., explained how it will ensure that its employees receive the strategic advice, products, tools and services they need to capture demand as it returns, thus responding to what employees said they most need right now. While will focus on recovering demand in the short and long term, expanding the partner customer base and increasing bookings will continue to be key priorities. A recent study by Ernst and Young, commissioned by, revealed that 91% of small and medium-size accommodations surveyed believe that digital travel platforms help them get more bookings. In addition, 80% of customers who use an online travel platform do not come from the usual accommodation market,

Eliminate friction by offering payment methods
Working to deliver great value to customers reliably and transparently has long been a priority for, reflected in their wide range of choice, in the way they display availability and prices (and do not surprise customers with hidden charges) or in your effort to ensure that the information is easy to understand and compare. A key component in continuing this priority is investment in the payment platform. Its objective? Expand it so that customers can choose the payment method they want while minimizing costs and operational workload for employees. In fact, according to a recent study by Ernst and Young, commissioned by, 76% of small and medium-sized accommodations find that the prepayment and pre-authorization options offered by an online travel platform help reduce cancellations and no-shows and therefore guarantee more revenue. As Fogel underlined at the event, payments will be a strategic area for the company in 2021 and beyond.

Changes to the Genius loyalty program shared its vision for the future of the Genius loyalty program and how it can help partner properties gain even more visibility, get more bookings and grow their business this year and beyond. This expansion seeks, on the one hand, to bring the great value of the Genius program to even more clients and, on the other, to increase the visibility and demand for Genius accommodations, in accordance with's commitment to do everything possible to direct demand towards accommodation providers as travel becomes safe again. The company is offering its employees the flexibility they need, now more than ever, which is why participation in the Genius program is totally optional: they can decide to join or not depending on what is best for their business.

The path to a more sustainable travel industry
While these are difficult times for the travel industry, it is also time to rebuild it together by betting on sustainability, one of's longstanding priorities, which was reaffirmed at Click. A recent survey found that 70% of consumers would be more likely to choose an accommodation if they knew it was adopting sustainable practices. One of's initiatives is to encourage accommodation providers to post and update their sustainable practices on the extranet, the partner portal, as even the smallest changes are important. The objective is none other than to make it easier for clients to choose sustainable travel options and to help collaborators to take advantage of this interest from travelers. If this annual meeting of collaborators made clear, it is that the first steps to make sustainable travel easier for everyone are not only important, but also necessary, within the framework of a collective movement that seeks to preserve our planet in order to continue enjoying it.

From's belief that everyone shares the responsibility of ensuring future generations have a world worth experiencing, to making it easy for partners to share their sustainability experience with customers, Click. made it clear that the next few months will focus on sustainability at These first steps on the road to making sustainable travel easier for everyone are not only important, but necessary as part of the collective movement to ensure that the future of travel is more sustainable.


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