Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Announces Reopening of the Apollo/Saturn V Center

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Announces Reopening of the Apollo/Saturn V Center
March 22, 2021

After a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, complex takes visitors "back to the Moon"

In accordance with the new health and safety guidelines, seats on the bus are limited and subject to availability. Visitors are being placed at a kiosk near the entrance of the buses to select a departure time and reserve their place on the bus. When the time comes to board the bus, they are greeted in a closed area with social distancing marks. Once inside the bus, passengers take seats in a socially detached manner for the short ride to the Apollo / Saturn V Center and can return whenever they want. Advance reservations are not available.
Upon arrival at the Apollo / Saturn V Center, an interactive attraction and exhibit that explores the wonders of the Apollo Program from the days leading up to the first launch and subsequent landing on the Moon, visitors will be greeted by a new arrival effect, created to establish a new aspect to the experience. Other enhancements include Moon Scape, which features an interactive design that informs guests of the importance of landing on the Moon and how they can support future space exploration, as well as a display of newspapers from around the world depicting the global impact of the first steps on the moon.
Additional experiences include augmented reality stations where visitors can recreate their first steps on the Moon, the opportunity to pose for a photo in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong, and the opportunity to hear from veteran astronauts Al Worden, Charlie Duke, Harrison Schmitt. and Jim Lovell through life-size virtual holograms.
The most important point of the Apollo / Saturn V Center is the majestic Saturn V rocket, one of only three rockets left in the United States. A new addition to this exhibit is the projection mapping on the side of the Saturn V that shows the iconic images of the moon landing. The Moon Rock Café will not reopen at this time.
The health and safety of employees and visitors is the highest priority for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and bus trips to the Apollo / Saturn V Center are no exception. Departures will be scheduled to minimize crowding and time on board the bus. Passengers will be required to wear face and seat covers and capacity will be appropriately managed to maintain adequate social distancing.
In accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the visitor complex maintains all precautionary measures, including limited attendance and the encouragement of advance purchases of daily admission; employees and visitors are required to cover their faces and take their temperatures; lines with social distancing at restaurants, performance viewing areas and other facilities throughout the complex, and increased frequency of sanitization and disinfection.
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