Nezasa adds their first customer in Spain

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Nezasa adds their first customer in Spain
Mon March 22, 2021

The technology provider announces that it will begin offering its innovative solutions to BIDTravel

BIDtravel has been in the Travel business for almost 30 years and offers exclusive travel proposals to its customers, most of which are based on organized packaged trips throughout the entire world, including tailor-made trips and luxury trips.

With this new collaboration, Nezasa is pleased to introduce the CEO of BIDtravel, Juan Díaz Timón, who kindly agreed to share some business insights with our company.

“Being a Travel Agency or an Online Travel Agency is a great advantage”, replied Mr. Díaz when asked why Travel Agencies are still relevant to the Tourism industry, “since it is the best guarantee for travellers when booking combined trips under one single agency as opposed to booking through different websites”. In addition, he said that “Travel Agencies also offer an additional benefit to their consumers by including the required personal liability/obligations and safety protocols within their trips”.

When asked about BIDTravel’s interest in Nezasa, Mr. Díaz stated that he was drawn by the fact “that an initial investment was not required as well as for its exceptional customer service support”, and furthermore affirmed that “Nezasa will be able to provide his business with an added value since the demand is currently shifting towards a more personalised and customized trip, where the traveller will have more control over what he/she wants to book”. 

Mr. Díaz also highlighted the “versatility and immediacy” of both Nezasa’s TripBuilder and TripBooster software solutions, together with the “build it yourself” characteristic, as an advanced feature for BIDTravel to offer.

Additionally, Mr. Díaz mentioned that, “although the future is (still) very uncertain, and that the demand is currently dormant, he believes that travelling in smaller groups will allow a quicker recovery along with a higher demand for hygiene measures”.

In conclusion, Mr. Díaz expressed his desire “to see where the travel business will be headed in the near future” and, we, at Nezasa, are committed to supporting our customers through this upcoming recovery into the “new normal”.

Nezasa provides the technology to make the connected trip a reality. Its award-winning state of the art hyper-personalisation software is spearheading trip planning technology to simplify and enhance the travel booking experience. Using Nezasa, travel brands can easily and fast provide their customers with bespoke and completely individualised offers – regardless of the complexity of the trip. Nezasa’s solution covers all aspects of the travel lifecycle – from booking over in-destination experiences until the completion of the trip.


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