RIU Hotels presents its CSR method on a new corporate website

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RIU Hotels presents its CSR method on a new corporate website
Tue March 23, 2021

The company has created an information space that includes all the social and environmental actions and projects in which it participates, as well as the topics that define its CSR strategy

The RIU Hotels chain presents its new website dedicated entirely to its Corporate Social Responsibility and the RIU Method, the social innovation model with which the company works to identify and manage the impact that its activity has on the destinations where its hotels operate. This digital space is part of its long-term strategy, aimed at achieving a hotel model that is more responsible for people and the environment in the 20 countries where its 100 hotels are located.

Home of the new CSR website
Under the slogan "Be RIUsponsible", the website brings together all the information regarding the responsible identity of the company, with statements from its CEO, Carmen and Luis Riu, as well as testimonies from the team itself, who take the name of “sustainability ambassadors”. On the other hand, it lists the commitments and adhesions of the hotel company both with official organizations related to tourism and with those involved in the defense of human rights, especially with regard to the protection of children.

Cover of the section "RIU Method"
In the RIU Method, the phases of this unique work system in the sector are explained and used by the CSR team as a key tool to decide what actions or projects to carry out in each country. always taking into account two priority lines: people (childhood and local community) and biodiversity.
Created in 2019 in collaboration with the ESCP Business School, this diagnostic procedure associates social and environmental investment with the business volume of each destination, thus applying a criterion of proportionality. For example, in 2019 this methodology led to a social investment of 1.2 million euros and in 2020, even with the COVID-19 crisis and the temporary closure of many company hotels, 700,000 euros were invested in social projects and environmental issues around the world. 

RIU CSR map with all social and environmental projects
Allies, collaborators and non-profit entities linked to RIU Hotels also have their own space on this new online platform, which includes information and photographs of their projects, as well as specific data on the positive impact achieved on society and the environment. . NGOs, clinics or cultural and sports associations, have in this information platform a global showcase for their actions and projects with the hotel. In addition, the website includes a CSR map in which, in an interactive way, the user can find all the projects in which RIU collaborates around the world.

Section "Hotels with Sustainable Conscience".
Likewise, in the new website, the “Hotels with Sustainable Conscience” become important, a space dedicated to the social or environmental initiatives of the RIU hotels, their good practices, the sustainable measures that are applied in them, their official certifications, as well as the SDGs involved in your CSR strategy.
Finally, the website places great importance on RIU Hotels' CSR Communication, a vital tool for interaction with its stakeholders, which include suppliers, public administrations, third sector partners, the media, among others. This section incorporates the most important CSR news and campaigns, as well as a documentation archive with the company's policies and public reports.


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