Volaris recognized among the 5 airlines with the youngest fleet in North America

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Volaris recognized among the 5 airlines with the youngest fleet in North America
Source: Volaris
Thu March 25, 2021

This award is given by the influential Swiss aviation publication ch-aviation, and recognizes operators with the most modern fleets in the world, as well as their efforts to provide more eco-efficient and less polluting aircraft

Volaris, the ultra-low-cost airline that operates in Mexico, the United States and Central America, is recognized by ch-aviation, a Swiss company that provides intelligence and information on airlines at a global level, for being among the top 5 companies with fleets state-of-the-art units in North America, allowing you to achieve better performance conditions, in terms of fuel use, while reducing your CO2 footprint.

“We are very proud to receive this award, as it reflects Volaris's commitment and conviction to work in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in order to advance in the consolidation of our sustainability strategy. Part of this effort consists of the constant renewal of our fleet, which currently consists of 87 aircraft, with the intention of keeping it young and eco-efficient, ”commented José Luis Suárez, Volaris operations director.

The ultra-low-cost model and sustainability strategy, aligned with industry goals to ensure future business viability, place the Company among the three most cost-efficient airlines globally. Volaris has projected that by 2023 six out of ten aircraft in its fleet will be eco-efficient, thus seeking the goal that by 2025 Volaris will reduce its carbon emissions by an additional 4%.

Thomas Jaeger, CEO of ch-aviation, commented on the recognition that “the ch-aviation Award for the Most Modern Airline Fleet recognizes airlines around the world for keeping their fleet young, modern and efficient. Operators with new generation aircraft contribute significantly to the reduction of C02 emissions in the industry and help to achieve better fuel efficiency. We congratulate all the other airlines that won the Award this year for their hard work in making flying more environmentally friendly. It should be noted that this Award is completely based on verifiable public fleet data, no jury or any other subjective parameter is involved ”.

In 2020, Volaris reduced its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 6%, which translates into savings of 11.3 million gallons of fuel and 110,800 tons of CO2, compared to 2019. In addition, in February this year, The airline announced the purchase of 171 GTF engines from Pratt & Whitney, which reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 16%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 50% and the sound footprint by 75%.

“The management of efficient fuel consumption has a direct impact on reducing the polluting footprint in all Volaris operations, so we will continue working to maintain ourselves as one of the youngest and most efficient fleets in the region, actively contributing to the protection of the environment ”, concluded José Luis Suárez.


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