5 reasons to travel with a health insurance in 2021

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5 reasons to travel with a health insurance in 2021
March 26, 2021

Universal Assistance shares with us an interesting report that highlights the advantages of having different coverage and added values at this time

Given the current situation due to the pandemic generated by Covid-19, travelers who visit different national and international destinations, for work or pleasure, are in search of multiple factors that provide peace of mind on their trips and guarantee a smooth return home. and without problems.  

Biosecurity measures in airlines, destinations and places of accommodation are just the first characteristics that an average tourist checks when planning their next trip. Additionally, travel assistance is a service that has had a greater boom lately, since they provide greater peace of mind to travelers thanks to the different coverages and added values ​​in case of contracting Covid-19 during the trip.

" Despite all the vaccination processes that different countries are carrying out, we are aware of the importance for many travelers of having sufficient guarantees that allow them to have peace of mind at the destination in case of contracting Covid-19, such such as 24/7 medical telecare, expenses for cancellation or interruption of travel, hotel for convalescence or quarantine, among others ”, says Pilar Gallo, Commercial Director of Universal Assistance in Colombia.

Likewise, the company highlights five main reasons for having traveler assistance services on their next trips:

  1. All Universal Assistance products provide coverage in the event of positive Covid-19 and include medical assistance, travel cancellation or interruption expenses, hotel for convalescence or quarantine, transfer and accommodation of the family group and flight rescheduling penalty, among others. .  

  2. The company also offers i-Covid, a real-time information service, with which the traveler can resolve all concerns that may arise related to Covid-19, either about restrictions or requirements for entry to a country, protocols for airline health and travel safety tips.

  3. It has a Medical Telecare service, an important solution at times like this, where clients often prefer not to attend a medical center. 

  4. It offers a virtual assistant called "Uni" to provide support to all its passengers, which aims to continue providing accompaniment and personalized attention, thus achieving a simple and efficient service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

  5. Likewise, the advisory, quotation and acquisition processes of the different Universal Assistance products are simple and greatly facilitate its clients to have traveler assistance in just a few steps, with affordable costs and without leaving home.​



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