The delivery of the biosafety seal grows in Guatamala

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The delivery of the biosafety seal grows in Guatamala
March 26, 2021

New ambassadors and service providers join the del Inguat and Safe Travels seal

In follow-up to the reinforcement of the sanitary norms that govern in the current reality, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -INGUAT- continues to support the tourism value chain by providing the Tourism Biosafety Seal and Safe Travels for those who comply with an established process and with This supports the recovery of the confidence and security of the visitors.

The General Director of INGUAT, Mynor Cordón pointed out “The commitment of the tourism sector for responsible reactivation is evident, that is why this time a new group of Seal Ambassadors and businessmen are joining, who will ensure the dissemination, awareness, implementation and monitoring of the correct application of biosafety standards, contemplated in the good practice guides for the different segments of tourism ”.

Among the new ambassadors are:
The Vice Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
The National Council of Protected Areas -CONAP- 
The Guatemalan Association of Air Lines -AGLA-
The Casa del Alfarero Association.
Union of Professionals in Events

Those who join the group of already accredited Ambassadors of Guatemala City are:
The Association of Restaurants Chamber of Commerce -GREGA-
The Bureau of Conventions of Guatemala.
The Association of Restaurants Chamber of Industry -GREGUA-
The Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala -CAMTUR-

At the same time, gastronomy entrepreneurs joined:
Cacao 70
Portal del Angel CAES
Portal del Angel FONTABELLA
Casa Escobar zone 10
Casa Escobar Antigua
Casa Escobar Cayalá
El Rancho
Grill Time
Hacienda Los Volcanes
Doña Estercita Centro 1
Doña Estercita Centro 2
Doña Estercita Terminal
Doña Estercita Chiantla

In addition to another group of tour guides:
Christian Cabrera
Laura Arreaza
Maynor Ovando
Ivania Sibrian
Johana Salguero
Luis Pardo
Oliver Ochoa
Carmen Soto
Juan Carlos Cazún
Karen de Veliz
Otto Slawinski
Elida Lima
José Luis Rivas
César Chilel

To date, more than 300 companies are already accredited with both seals whose primary purpose is to ensure the protection of national and international tourism, generating confidence in them for the recovery of tourism in Guatemala. The staff of the Tourism Quality and Sustainability Unit has trained the staff who will be in charge of monitoring the accredited companies.


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