ICT and entrepreneurs work to promote Puerto Limón as an integral destination

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ICT and entrepreneurs work to promote Puerto Limón as an integral destination
Tue March 30, 2021

The city has the essence of the Costa Rican of the Caribbean and offers tourists gastronomic, cultural, historical and artistic experiences

In order to implement joint actions to make the city of Puerto Limón visible as a tourist destination in the national and international market, the Rector Minister of Tourism, Gustavo J. Segura, met this weekend with businessmen and tourist guides at the Tourism Center Cultural of Limón.  
“With this tour we have seen first-hand the enormous cultural wealth that Puerto Limón has for the Costa Rican tourism industry; for example, in a one-hour walk around Parque Vargas and the Cultural Tourism Center, we observed 19 buildings that are Costa Rican historical cultural heritage, ”said Minister Segura.
The hierarch held meetings with businessmen, living forces, women leaders of the Business Chamber of Women of the Caribbean, learned about the platform "We are Caribbean" whose objective is to promote Limón as an authentic tourism destination among visitors who value the cultural richness of Costa Rica , educated people who seek expressions of culture, biodiversity and gastronomy.
Lessons learned
The hierarch said: “The main lesson we take from this tour is that Limón has natural beauties, the people are beautiful, but we always visit the South Caribbean and North Caribbean without visiting the center of Limón, which is the cradle of art. culture, gastronomy and we cannot lose it because much of the idiosyncrasy of the Costa Rican is explained in the history that Puerto Limón contains ”.
The Vice Minister of Culture, Loida Pretiz, also participated in this meeting with the people of Limon, who spoke with them about cultural tourism and the work that is being carried out with the Tourist-Cultural Guides together with the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, within the framework of the Program of Integral Management of Tourist Destinations.
George Grant, director of the Limón Cultural Tourism Center and owner of G&E Chocolate Adventure Company, promoter of this meeting, highlights that the visit of the Minister of Tourism together with the Vice Minister of Culture allowed to show the projects, attractions of the area, interact with businessmen, tour operators, women's groups, tourist guides to propose the actions that have been working in the region. The hierarchs also participated in the Caribbean gastronomy workshop of Patty and Plantain tart.
Grant commented that the meeting seeks to turn the city of Puerto Limón into a mandatory stop that offers national and international tourists various activities of the Puerto Limón Cultural Tourism Center, this being an entity for the creation and enjoyment of a new tourist offer in Limón that links the sectors of agriculture, gastronomy, outdoor activities and the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the city.
Beatriz Pareja and Peinan Zhang, Spanish tourists who were passing through Puerto Limón during the tour, said that they like Limón a lot because they have tried new products such as cocoa, they like the weather, the park. "We have come to Costa Rica because it has many security measures," they added.
Promotion of cultural and architectural heritage
Various actors and institutions have joined forces to promote the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Puerto Limón.

One of the projects is Heritage Puerto Limón with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, which consists of a project for the Valorisation of Caribbean Architecture.

In addition, they have proposals for labeling and signaling of the 18 heritage buildings with technical sheets and QR codes that will provide access to available digital content such as videos, photographs, official files, free content download and more with the support of the Cultural Heritage Center and the National Library.
"We presented our classes in gastronomy, architecture, dance at the Cultural Tourism Center so that they could see how we prepare to offer a complete show to tourists," Grant said.
The Tourism Minister pointed out: “The Limonense tourism sector has the future in its hands, without a doubt the institutions have to support it, but it is the entrepreneurs themselves, the living forces who can make things happen for their own future, that's why I invite you to work on your tourist declarations, to formalize your business so that you can access funds, soft loans, support from state institutions, so that post-pandemic tourism brings social welfare to Limón ”.
The ICT urges entrepreneurs to increase the number of adhesions to its programs so that they offer tourists tourism products and services with a higher quality than they already have, with the guarantee and support of the ICT as the governing body of tourism in our country.


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