Expedia Partner Solutions launches AI-powered  virtual agent for partners and travelers

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Expedia Partner Solutions launches AI-powered  virtual agent for partners and travelers
Tue March 30, 2021

Early adopters have seen on average 35% of traveler requests resolved using virtual agent in the last six months

Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), powering travel for partners globally, introduces virtual agent for partners and travelers. Integrated into Expedia for Partners template, virtual agent technology from Expedia Group helps travelers quickly and easily resolve requests on amenities like breakfast and parking for a particular hotel or canceling a flight should plans change. For travel agents using Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP), virtual agent technology helps them save time by allowing them to cancel bookings or check the status of a traveler’s refund.    
“The information and guidance travelers need to book a trip has increased since the start of the pandemic. At the same time, our travel partners have faced financial pressures and reduced headcount,” says Ariane Gorin, President of Expedia Business Services. “Powering our partners today means providing them with new ways to meet traveler needs through automation and self-service, so that partners can spend their valuable time and resources where it makes the most impact. In the past six months, we’ve already seen over a third of traveler requests resolved through the virtual agent.”  

Virtual agent was designed to make it easy for travelers to get answers to straightforward questions like wheelchair accessibility or check-in options and to manage their trip. To date, 45% of travelers have used the tool to cancel their trip, one in five (20%) have reconfirmed their lodging, and 20% have viewed their booking using the online chat tool. This means human agents have more time and capacity to support more complex queries.  

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, virtual agent interacts with travelers and travel agents in real time. It also looks at past actions from all travelers to determine the best course of action to address a particular need from a traveler, meaning it is constantly learning and improving. New features and functionalities are continuously being rolled out on virtual agent for example, partners on Expedia for Partners template recently gained the ability for their travelers to redeem air credits.  


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