Chilean government announces changes to finance tourism projects

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Chilean government announces changes to finance tourism projects
Andrea Wolleter, Sernatur
Wed March 31, 2021

A new evaluation methodology will allow the sector to access public investment funds

The Ministry of Social Development, the Undersecretariat of Tourism and Sernatur released this week a new methodology that will allow the evaluation, for the first time, of tourism facilities projects within the framework of the National Investment System.

The objective of this work is to integrate the factors to be analyzed in the future public investment related to tourism, which translates into the creation of criteria and aspects to be evaluated when providing public funds to finance projects related to tourism infrastructure.

For the undersecretary of Tourism, José Luís Uriarte, this initiative represents an important advance for the professionalization of the sector. “As a government, we are opening important spaces for tourism, which is valued and recognized as a true factor of social and economic development for thousands of local economies. With this progress, projects related to the sector will be eligible for funds such as regional development, ”said the authority.

The new evaluation, which considers factors such as the impact of the project in terms of tourism development and potential benefit to the community, also provides general information on the sector, presents the methodological aspects that must be considered, defines the scope and provides the necessary elements for the formulation and evaluation of the investment initiative.

At the same time, this new methodology allows other public institutions such as regional governments, municipalities and local services to better formulate projects with a tourist focus, which will have an impact on local communities and which seek to be financed with public resources.

Thus, the methodology will value the development of tourist attractions, enhancing their natural, cultural and recreational qualities, generating a greater number and duration of visits, which will promote sustainable economic and tourist development.


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