Avianca has partnered with CellPoint Digital to improve its payment management

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Avianca has partnered with CellPoint Digital to improve its payment management
Wed March 31, 2021

The technology firm will offer a revolutionary solution in all channels of the Colombian airline

Avianca, the world's oldest commercial airline, has partnered with CellPoint Digital to improve the customer experience when purchasing services and streamline payments across its global operation. This payment orchestration project is one of the most ambitious undertaken by an airline to date and will also address the specific complexities of payments in Latin America.   

Using its leading Velocity Payment Orchestration Platform (POP), CellPoint Digital will assemble and manage a single payment ecosystem for Avianca to facilitate our customers' payment process and simplify internal processes. More than five payment service providers, more than 40 acquirers and more than 40 payment methods will be fully integrated, enabling frictionless payments around the world. Velocity will allow Avianca to implement more than 25 new payment methods, including global electronic wallets with specific options for Latin America, as well as new European options to offer our customers a variety of options.

The Velocity implementation will replace several current payment solutions with a single platform, radically accelerating time to market for new buyers and payment methods, and automating key back-end processes such as refunds and reconciliations. All transactions are dynamically routed to save costs and ensure the lowest rejection rate. Failed or declined transactions are automatically retried through an alternate route to maximize acceptance rates.  

Álvaro Rosales, Payment Methods Manager at Avianca Holdings, says: "Offering our customers their preferred payment method in an attractive and agile way is essential for an excellent shopping experience and also to have a significant impact on our costs. a challenge for a global airline to develop the ecosystem necessary to optimize payments, especially with the variety of local requirements for Latin America. Therefore, we needed an independent and agnostic payment orchestrator to process, optimize and automate all our payments through of all our channels. CellPoint Digital's advanced payment orchestration platform will allow us to improve our customers' shopping experience and execute our payment strategy,increase our payment acceptance rate and reduce our average payment costs. "   

Since the Payment Orchestration Platform will be implemented on all digital channels, including B2C (website, mobile app, chatbot), B2B, distributors and traditional channels (call center, airport or city ticket offices), customers of Avianca will benefit from a consistent and improved system. payment experience whatever channel they use. They will be invited to store their cards for future payments and enjoy a new level of flexibility: pay in the currency of their choice, pay with coupons or miles, split payments between various methods, pay in installments, or pay by simply clicking on a link.

"We are delighted to partner with Avianca, a flagship airline that has achieved longevity through innovation and is now a pioneer in the area of ​​payment orchestration. We share their vision that optimizing payments will make a significant difference to a recovery. faster while delivering a unique advantage - for the foreseeable future, "says Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Digital. "In such difficult times, an airline cannot afford to lose a customer because their payment didn't go through or they couldn't find their preferred payment method. Reducing cross-border transactions provides ample opportunity for global airlines to save costs. However, integration Multiple payment options brings much more complexity, and this is where Velocity will help Avianca.


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