Interest in travel assistance grows in Mexico

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Interest in travel assistance grows in Mexico
Wed March 31, 2021

According to a study carried out by Allianz Travel, the search and purchase of policies increased 17% during March vs. the previous month

According to a study carried out by Allianz Travel, a world leader in travel assistance, the search for and purchase of travel assistance increased by 17% during March vs. the previous month at Easter, this behavior reflects that having protection During a trip, it offers people peace of mind from the moment they leave home until the moment they return. 

In the current context, the habits of travelers have changed and contrary to previous years, where the most prominent traveler profile for Easter were families and the objective was to vacation, in this year in which the pandemic is still active, the The main profile that has travel assistance is the individual traveler, occupying 85% and the reason is for family or business matters, relegating to travel for pleasure.

On the other hand, among the main international destinations to which Mexicans seek to travel protected, the following stand out:

  • United States and Canada (35%)
  • Central and South America: Brazil, Chile Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Uruguay (34%)
  • Europe: Germany and UK (16%)
  • Other destinations (15%)

Traveling with travel assistance is a trend that is gaining momentum in the new normal, as it is an alternative that reinforces people's confidence during their journey and saves money, time and worries during a trip.

"The pandemic reinforced the idea that prevention is always a good investment in the face of unexpected events, in that sense, travel assistance is a perfect and necessary complement that responds to the new needs of travelers in the current health situation, because when traveling protected both in international and national trips, you have the peace of mind of having the support and advice of experts in case of any unforeseen event. ”, said David Rendón, E-commerce Manager of Allianz Travel.

Regarding the most used coverages in travel assistance, the following stand out:

  • Medical assistance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost luggage

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