World Economic Forum report describes trends affecting the economy, society and technology

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World Economic Forum report describes trends affecting the economy, society and technology
Mon April 05, 2021

The investigation made with Deloitte outlines new ways leaders can predict next steps amid the pandemic

The new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and robotics, are changing the way we live, learn and do business at a rate unprecedented in human history. This sea change is occurring in a world characterized by unreliable political landscapes and growing environmental instability.

Scenario planning in this environment can be very difficult for companies, affecting their ability to plan for the future and properly assess the risks and opportunities that may arise. The Technology Futures report, published in collaboration with Deloitte, provides leaders with data analysis tools to plan scenarios and forecast future technology trends.

“El rápido ritmo del cambio tecnológico, junto con la crisis global causada por COVID-19, significa que los líderes de hoy necesitan nuevas herramientas para comprender los desafíos y desarrollar estrategias frente a un futuro cada vez más incierto. Este informe proporciona tres nuevas herramientas analíticas para que los líderes empresariales piensen en el futuro en un entorno dinámico ”, dijo Ruth Hickin, directora de estrategia e impacto, Centro para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial, Foro Económico Mundial.

"We are delighted to partner with the World Economic Forum to take a disciplined look to the future, particularly as we emerge from a world-altering event such as COVID-19," said Mike Bechtel, Managing Director and Chief Futurist, US Consulting, Deloitte and lead author of the report. "We hope that by providing a clearer picture of how today's emerging technologies will impact our future, we can play a significant role in driving innovation, collaboration and economic growth that improves the lives of all people."

The report breaks down future trends into four categories for business leaders and provides some examples of what is likely to hold steady for years to come.

  • Information: With the volume of accessible data exploding and most of our personal lives lived online, the report projects the likely implications for remote learning, remote work, and healthcare.
  • Location: Since the onset of COVID-19, even more of our interpersonal interaction is virtual and physical experiences have decreased. The report projects more niche and readily available virtual experiences available to consumers.
  • Economy: The report predicts an increasing probability that the production of clean and flexible energy will continue to increase.
  • Education: Personalized education is likely to grow, along with the availability of digitized and virtualized content.

In addition to the strategic model, the report provides leaders with a baseline history of how the Fourth Industrial Revolution has progressed. It highlights how quickly technology is evolving and outlines a way that risk management could evolve to better address and adapt to it.


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