Study reveals trends and behaviors of Chinese travelers

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Study reveals trends and behaviors of Chinese travelers
Mon April 05, 2021

The results show that they are more willing to travel but when it comes to international travel, caution and uncertainty define the sentiment at the moment

Following the trends and behaviors of the global tourism market, MATCHER publishes the results of a study conducted by its partner in China, Dragon Trail International.

The study shows how the Chinese traveler feels about the resumption of the trip and can be a marker of world trends. The results show that the Chinese are more willing to travel today than in previous surveys, but when it comes to international travel, caution and uncertainty define market sentiment right now (February, 2021.

Although much has changed since the pandemic began, Chinese travel activity and destination preferences are similar to those before the pandemic. Domestic movements remain the main asset of the market, and Asia remains the world region of first choice for international travel by such tourists, followed by Europe and North America in third place.

The greatest uncertainties persist for business and international travel. When asked to rate current sentiment levels for 12 overseas destinations, Chinese expressed a high perception of safety for traveling to Singapore and Japan, and mixed ratings for Australia, Thailand, and European countries. North American destinations, especially the US, are generally considered unsafe, while responses in South American countries indicated very little knowledge of China about tourist destinations in our region.

According to the China Tourism Academy (CTA), South America is the fourth or fifth choice of the Chinese as an international travel option. They continue to prioritize activities such as getting to know the local gastronomy; visit museums and landscapes; know famous attractions; do outdoor activities and contact with nature and go shopping.

The report also shows some important criteria when deciding on international travel. The most important thing is that there is a sympathy for the Chinese traveler; zero cases of covid; no quarantine requirements upon arrival or return to China; the flight schedules restored to normal and that, in addition, people are already vaccinated before the trip.

The destination marketing specialist and director of MATCHER, Jeanine Pires, reinforces that "from these inputs the need to strengthen relationships and present Latin America as a travel option to the Chinese market becomes clear once again. the largest emitter of tourists on the planet and will be fundamental in the reconstruction of international arrivals for world tourism ”.

Dragon Trail International is a Chinese marketing and market intelligence solutions company with extensive experience in the global travel industry. Together with MATCHER, the company works on the creation and exchange of content, analysis and market opportunities between the markets of China and Asia and with Brazil and Latin America. According to Jeanine Pires, "the partnership between MATCHER and Dragon Trail is another important step in consolidating our mission to connect the Brazilian and Latin American markets with the main international markets."

To access the full report, go to the MATCHER website .

The survey: From February 22 to March 3, 2021, Dragon Trail Research conducted the survey through Tencent's panel and received 1,052 complete responses.


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