Viva Air expects to transport more than 166 thousand passengers with operations in Bucaramanga

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Viva Air expects to transport more than 166 thousand passengers with operations in Bucaramanga
Tue April 06, 2021

The airline began operations of two new routes from Medellín and Bogotá, with which it expects an average load factor of 80%

With a firm commitment to Bucaramanga and the firm promise to encourage the reactivation of tourism and the economy of the region, Viva Air began operations of two new routes to the capital of Santander from Medellín and Bogotá; This shows its growth in the Colombian air market and the acceptance of its Low Cost model, as well as the efforts made to promote air inclusion in the region, even in times of air reactivation.

The inaugural flight Medellín - Bucaramanga establishes the first direct route operated by Viva between these two cities. For its part, the Bogotá - Bucaramanga route is resumed, after its last flight in the first quarter of 2020. Both inaugural flights complied 100% with the biosafety protocols, which positions Viva Air as a safe and reliable airline. when flying. The Company that has transformed air transport in Colombia, projects that in the first year of operations of these two routes approximately 166 thousand passengers will fly, with an average load factor of 80%, which will allow a greater growth of national and international tourism .

“We are happy with the inauguration of these two routes, which promote tourism, business generation and the economic development of Santander. And in that sense, we hope to provide more opportunities for connection to the region with Colombia and the world through our HUB Medellín, to continue promoting air inclusion ”, commented Elizabeth Giraldo, Sales Manager of the Viva Air Group. “We are proud to work hand in hand with great allies in the aviation sector such as the Aeropuertos de Oriente concessionaire, and the Bucaramanga authorities to continue our purpose of connecting Santander, always with the best average rates in the market and the highest standards of punctuality. in our itineraries ”, he added.

It is estimated that the opening of these routes in the capital of Santander will generate the well-known 'Viva Effect', a reduction in market rates between 20 and 40%, which will allow travelers to connect more with the country, flying with various itineraries and rates, always with low prices and high standards in terms of biosafety and punctuality.

“The reactivation of Viva Air operations, with the new route to Medellín and the resumption of the flight to Bogotá, is excellent news for Santander. This is a vote of confidence from the airline and an indication of the strong potential that the destination represents. We will continue working from the Commercial Directorate on the Airport Marketing Plan led by the Concession to expand air connectivity in the region. We are looking for a greater offer of direct flights that optimize time and resources for our travelers ”, explained María Carolina Laserna, Manager of Airports of Oriente SAS

It should be noted that the airline recently made Medellín and Rionegro José María Córdova International Airport official as its air operations center, which provides unique opportunities for connection and savings to Santander, by allowing them direct access from Antioquia to more markets, including new international destinations such as Mexico City, Cancun and Orlando.

With the addition of Bucaramanga to Viva's route network, the airline will operate 26 domestic routes to 12 destinations and seven international routes in five destinations, including Peru, Mexico and the United States. This is how Viva reaffirms its permanent commitment to the development and connectivity of the region, by allowing air travel to become an increasingly latent reality for all Santander residents.


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