Digitization, sustainability and smart destinations will be central themes of Fitur Know-How & Export

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Digitization, sustainability and smart destinations will be central themes of Fitur Know-How & Export
Wed April 07, 2021

This specialized section of the Madrid event will promote innovation and the internationalization of Spanish tourism companies

Digitization, sustainability and smart tourist destinations will focus the contents of the specialized section FITUR Know-How & Export, an initiative promoted by SEGITTUR in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and Investments.

FITUR Know-How & Export, which will take place within the framework of the professional conferences of FITUR 2021 “Special Recovery Tourism”, from May 19 to 21, 2021, will have an exhibition space of 1,600 m2, in which close to of 40 exhibiting companies with innovative solutions for tourism that range from hotel management to strategic consulting, without forgetting online promotion or marketing. 

This initiative aims to support the internationalization of Spanish tourism companies, which have the opportunity to show their potential and make their innovative services and products known to other international markets.

Innovation, digital transformation and the solutions that technologies provide to the development of tourism, and especially of smart, accessible and sustainable destinations, are key factors to ensure the present and future of tourism activity.

For this reason, the IX edition of Fitur Know-How & Export will focus the content of the first day on different aspects related to the dti model, as well as on the needs and peculiarities of the different destinations that make up the Smart Tourist Destinations Network.

In this sense, it will talk about large urban destinations, sun and beach destinations, inland and rural destinations or cultural destinations and heritage cities. At the same time, visibility will be given to the internationalization of the model with the collaboration of international organizations. 

The second day will have the participation of experts who will talk to us about the path of digitization of the tourism sector, normalization or the importance of cybersecurity. The different technological solutions available for tourist destinations will also be announced.

The third day will analyze the importance of sustainability in the new tourism. Topics to be addressed include creating sustainable tourism experiences or the role of the circular economy in the tourism sector.

During Fitur Know-How & Export, the presentation of the 2020 Annual Innovation Report, prepared by Innovaspain, will also take place, dedicated on this occasion to tourism.

One more year there will be the SEGITTURLab space, which will offer practical workshops for tourism professionals, among which they will talk about cybersecurity, the importance of data in decision-making or new technologies such as virtual reality.


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