Travelport +; a next-generation platform for a new era of travel

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Travelport +; a next-generation platform for a new era of travel
Greg Webb, Travelport
Wed April 07, 2021

The technology firm has launched a tool that makes available a market of simplified and enriched functionalities for a better experience in the sale of tourist services

The world's leading travel sales platform, Travelport, today launched its next-generation platform, Travelport +. Travelport + is the backbone of Travelport's new global strategy and is designed to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content delivery, travel experience and value creation.

Travelport + is a next generation platform that makes available a marketplace of simplified and enriched functionalities for a better travel sales experience. As travel distribution has evolved, the adaptation of new types of distribution to existing platforms has led to greater complexity in the industry, slowing progress. Travelport + is a true multi-source platform that offers more dynamic, differentiated and prepared content for a better sales experience, offering better options for marketers and consumers, in a faster and more frictionless way.

"This is a memorable moment in our history and in the development of our industry," said Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Travelport. “Travel has not kept up with the evolution of travel experiences in the modern digital age, and buying and selling travel is more complex than necessary today. This is how Travelport is the only dedicated global travel distribution platform in which we have invested a multi-year investment to accelerate industry innovation in the travel sales experience. By bringing together the best of Travelport's existing capabilities and tools and driving innovation to meet the unmet needs of our industry,

Built as a single next-generation environment, including: a modern, lightweight, and highly functional microservices API, complete with NDC content; improved ticket / airline ticket refund tools; a deployment to manage all aspects of the trip; and a sophisticated point of sale solution to address the needs of the professional travel agent, Travelport + sets a new standard in global travel content management.

Travelport + offers better merchandising capabilities and a sales experience, which in turn leads to higher value trips. Through increased efficiency, backed by Travelport's knowledge and data sources, Travelport + will unlock the potential for better deals and more content for all parts of the travel industry.

+ Content
Travelport + will bring together the most attractive variety of air content (ATPCO, LCC and NDC), autos / cars, hotels and trains. You'll do this by simplifying the way Travelport connects and delivers travel-relevant content, regardless of source, vendor, and how it's consumed. It will also offer the tools to control new content in a way that optimizes revenue and provides a new approach to profile management in which all components of a traveler's journey can be retrieved, modified and combined in any way possible, regardless. from the source.

+ Sales experience
Travelport + will include an ever-growing diversity of new tools with go-to-market capabilities (including cross-sell and top-sell) designed to enhance the traveler experience, while maximizing revenue and customer loyalty for marketers. and travel providers. The go-to-market capabilities will build on our existing configurable travel sales deployment that offers personalized and dynamic offers to give travelers the best possible option. Integrated intelligence will allow both travel marketers and suppliers to continually optimize their offerings, as well as their pricing and merchandising strategies.

+ Value
Travelport + will enable customers to more strictly control their service costs and improve their generation of value through a series of world-class performance, efficiency and automation tools. The platform will also improve the user experience for developers, driving traveler self-service and reducing pain points with exchanges, refunds and order management.

"We are here to empower change makers," Webb added, continuing, "We are supporting simplification and supporting our agencies to be modern digital marketers. At Travelport, we have focused on what we do best; great content. quality, better sales experiences and the best value for all parts of the travel industry. Nothing more, no conflicts or competing interests, simply powering the next generation of travel. "

Travelport + rollout has already started with a number of agencies and vendors participating in the initial upgrade. Travelport + will continue to gradually roll out globally, managed by a dedicated customer service team.


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