Guatemala advances in the recovery of tourism

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Guatemala advances in the recovery of tourism
Mon April 05, 2021

The movement of Guatemalans who made internal tourism trips during Holy Week has been 2,315,887 people

Tourism continues its recovery in Guatemala as the pandemic makes it possible to capitalize on the reopening. According to data from the Market Research and Analysis Department of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -INGUAT- the tourism movement at Easter has left some Q1426 million invested in the national economy in food, transportation, lodging, income to tourist attractions, among others. The most visited destinations were: 

1 Huehuetenango and Totonicapan 474 588 tourists
2 Antigua Guatemala 470 290 tourists
3 Quetzaltenango 449 367 tourists
4 Retalhuleu 381 631 tourists
5 Izabal 144 073 tourists
6. Solo 116 860 tourists
7 Pacific beaches
99 111 tourists 8 Peten 70 442 tourists
9 Verapaces 62 640 tourists
10 Esquipulas 46 885 tourists

While the international tourism data reflected that 18816 visitors came to the country for tourist purposes leaving a spill of Q129 million, who had an average daily expenditure of Q532.50, this data is calculated with a composite comparison of data in the income variables of visitors, by the different borders and airports, the country of residence, as well as the average spending and stay.


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