Wokation: how to make a business trip in a pleasure trip

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Wokation: how to make a business trip in a pleasure trip
Wed April 07, 2021

The home office, once a privilege for only a few, has now become part of the new reality and the pandemic showed that people can work from anywhere

According to a study conducted by the company Mabrian Technologies, this new lifestyle began to generate patterns in travel searches. Globalization allows one to be connected anywhere in the world and thus balance time spent with family or friends and work.

Mérida, capital of Yucatán, is recognized in the world for its architectural wealth: its imposing palaces, cathedrals and museums that bring a great Mayan heritage that refers to what life was like in Mexico in the 19th century. Recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage, Mérida is a fascinating tourist destination with a colonial legacy that is worth visiting at any time of the year. According to the EPGSTY19 * there are different reasons why Yucatán became one of the most visited destinations and one of them corresponds to the fact that 47% of tourists travel mainly to Mérida for business reasons.

In addition, its numerous tourist attractions that are hidden in the Yucatecan capital and that make it the ideal destination to rest after a working day are highlighted:

Plaza Grande
The Plaza Grande de Mérida is the center of the Yucatecan city. From there you can visit the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, located in the heart of the square, it was the first cathedral built in Latin America by order of King Felipe II. It has two towers of two bodies with a Moorish style, typical of the Western Islamic world. It is also possible to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art "Fernado García Ponce" Macay, which originally housed the Episcopal Palace or Archbishopric of Mérida and was built between 1573 and 1579 by order of Fray Diego de Landa, bishop of the province of Yucatán.

Paseo Montejo
Another of the tourist attractions of the Yucatecan city. This is the main avenue where there are also museums, hotels, galleries, boulevards and public buildings that preserve a French style. Its name makes mention of Francisco de Montejo, conqueror of Yucatán and founder of Mérida. An obligatory photo stop is the Monumento a la Patria, an imposing sculpture made by the Colombian artist Rómulo Rozo.

Chichen Itzá
Approximately 115 kilometers from the city of Mérida, it is recognized as one of the wonders of the world, its name means "mouth of the well of the Itzaes", alluding to the cenote located north of the pyramid and which was considered an enclave sacred, as well as a source of fresh water essential for that city of temples and astronomers.

Mérida keeps secrets and one way to discover them is by visiting the cenotes that are the favorite attraction for the most adventurous travelers. An expedition inside these immense caverns with cold and crystalline waters are undoubtedly an unmissable natural beauty such as the San Ignacio cenote and those located in the Cuzamá area.

Yucatecan gastronomy
These dishes full of flavors that refer to their Mayan traditions have a unique flavor that results in dishes such as Pibil cochinita, papadzules, panuchos and salbutes and Relleno cheese.

Nearby beaches and natural reserves
Some paradisiacal beaches that are in the surroundings of Mérida are Chelem, Chuburná and Chicxulub. And to carry out ecotourism activities the reserves of Celestún and Ría Lagartos.
Mérida has an important International Airport with connection to the main capitals of the country and international. Mérida has a wide range of lodging options such as the Residence Inn Mérida by Mariott, a new hotel that opened its doors in a pandemic last year, being the first hotel of the international chain RCD Hotels in Mexico. This hotel located in the unique destination of Yucatán, the main location for business and leisure travelers in the southeast of Mexico, is within walking distance of the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center and the main shopping centers and close to specialty hospitals, corporate offices, industrial parks and the best universities.

"Today we celebrate the first year of this new hotel built in the middle of the pandemic and with the purpose of offering our clients new experiences. A new profile of passenger who seeks to travel as he lives and enjoy the amenities he has in the house for him that allow them to extend their stay and be able to turn that work trip into a pleasure trip as well, "said Leonel Reyes, Commercial Director of LATAM de Hotels.

Its facilities include free Wi-Fi in all suites and public spaces; a market where the guest can find everything from snacks, desserts to personal hygiene items. It also has a gym with panoramic views of the city and spacious rooms perfect for executive meetings, training or social gatherings and 24/7 self-service laundry. It is even Pet-Friendly, so that the pet sleeps as if it were at home.


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