Iberia becomes first airline to go live with IATA Travel Pass in Europe-Latin America routes

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Iberia becomes first airline to go live with IATA Travel Pass in Europe-Latin America routes
Source: IATA
Wed April 07, 2021

Uruguay is the country chosen to launch this application and Iberia customers who fly to Montevideo will be the first to try it

Iberia works together with IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) in the development of the digital passport , IATA Travel Pass and will be the first airline to launch the new IATA Travel Pass on routes between Europe and Latin America, specifically, on its flights to Montevideo In uruguay.
The IATA Travel Pass provides a framework of consistency, predictability and security at a global level with a double objective: on the one hand, to simplify the experience of travelers and encourage travel and, on the other, to streamline the procedures for verifying health requirements.
This app allows you to store, manage and certify the health documentation required by different countries to travel, that is, COVID-19 test certificates and, in a next step, also vaccination certificates .
Thus, customers of flight IB6011 Madrid-Montevideo next Saturday, April 10, will be pioneers in checking the operation of this new application. Iberia has invited you via email to access the specific page of iberia.com  where you can:

1 / Fill in a registration form.
2 / If they meet the requirements, receive a personalized invitation from IATA to create their account in the app and link their passport. 
3 / Book an appointment at one of the collaborating laboratories or centers to perform your COVID-19 test. 
4 /  After receiving the results of this test, IATA will confirm that the clients comply with all the sanitary documentary requirements demanded in their destination. 
5 / Finally, at the airport you will only have to show the IATA Travel Pass confirmation message "OK to travel", which will improve your travel experience as you avoid having to carry this paper documentation. Customers will have to provide the rest of the documentation (ID, passport, visa ...) to be able to travel. 

In the words of Gabriel Perdiguero , Iberia's Director of Clients, Transformation and Systems: “With security as our principle, we are committed to technology to reopen borders, stimulate travel and restore normalcy as soon as possible. We are sure that IATA Travel Pass will play a key role in this regard; It is the way to facilitate the mobility of people, encourage traffic and, at the same time, simplify their travel experience for customers, to make it more fluid and contactless.

“We want to accompany customers in this digital transformation that Iberia is undergoing by providing them with new interaction channels that will coexist alongside the traditional ones, to offer all our customers the necessary support from the moment they buy their ticket until their arrival at their destination.

"In this sense, reactivating our sector and tourism in general depends on a great effort by all the agents involved, ensuring interoperability, building secure platforms and using the most advanced technology for this."

For Nick Careen , Senior Vice President of Airports, Passengers, Cargo and Security at IATA: "Restoring flights and doing it safely is essential to support the thousands of people who work in the aviation sector and all related industries. This proof of the IATA Travel Pass Iberia is helping to lay the foundations for a reconnected world in which health certificates will play a key role. And, in the longer term, the digital identity of the IATA Travel Pass will put Iberia customers at the forefront lance for a safe and contactless travel experience. 

Quirónprevisión joins the Iberia test of the IATA Travel Pass
To  make it easier for its customers to carry out COVID tests under special conditions, in May 2020 Iberia signed an agreement with Quironprevention - the leading company in Spain in health and safety - which has already added more than 20,000 COVID tests carried out to date on passengers Iberia in Spain, and in other countries such as Argentina, Mexico City, Peru, Portugal and the United Kingdom.Now, in addition, Quironprevention joins as a collaborator of the IATA Travel Pass that Iberia has launched.

Along with Quironprevention, the Recoletas hospital group and the ARQUIMEA health area are also added, which have a COVID testing service in T4 of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.
In both cases, customers will have access to both PCR and antigen tests .

What does the IATA Travel Pass incorporate?
Health restrictions and continuous changes in regulations due to COVID-19 have increased the complexity of the health requirements required to travel. In today's environment, technology plays a key role in resuming safe travel , facilitating people's mobility, and reviving air travel.


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