CATA organizes workshops to strengthen the presence of Central America in the digital ecosystem

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CATA organizes workshops to strengthen the presence of Central America in the digital ecosystem
Tue April 20, 2021

The Tourism Promotion Agency of Central America continues to advance towards the recovery of the industry through the dissemination of knowledge and strengthening of planning capacities in the face of the challenges of the sector

In this sense, CATA will run a series of workshops to strengthen the presence of the Central American tourism industry in the digital ecosystem through know-how and a general understanding vision of digital marketing tools that will help your business improve its reach on the net.

The activity will take place on April 21-22, it is expected that more than 250 companies will participate in the meeting, as well as representatives of the National Tourism Administrations of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua within the framework of the tourism promotion strategy , aimed at the United States market, in which the 4 countries participate together.

The day will focus on learning Google My Business, with which companies are expected to know how to configure, verify and manage their business profile on the Google platform using the free tool. Likewise, in the workshop participants will learn how to create or request and maximize their commercial profile on Tripadvisor, while taking advantage of the free tools offered by this platform to manage their online reputation.

With this effort, CATA seeks to enhance the development of human capital and promote accelerated digital transformation to ensure the adaptability of the tourism sector, and thereby focus on new practices towards the recovery of tourism in the region.

The event is coordinated by the company MDM Digital. The workshop session is developed as part of the project 'Strengthening the Integration and Promotion of Central American Tourism', through the support of the Republic of China -Taiwan.

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