Acolpacha Tambo Boutique reopens its doors and offers a cultural experience in Arequipa

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Acolpacha Tambo Boutique reopens its doors and offers a cultural experience in Arequipa
April 20, 2021

The Hotel Manager Rocío Valdivia commented after the reopening: “We are very excited. We have taken care of every detail of biosecurity with a special focus on training our team of collaborators"

Acolpacha Tambo Boutique Hotel recently reopened its doors in Arequipa with a proposal full of culture and sustainability, complying with all biosafety protocols within its facilities to ensure the best experience for its guests.
The hotel has received support from the Turismo Emprende program, which enabled it to implement the highest quality anticovid sanitary procedures; develop digital applications focused on improving the customer experience, both within the hotel and when visiting the city; and perfecting the gray water washing and management system for optimal water recovery.
The hotel was inaugurated in 2019 as part of the project to enhance a colonial house with more than 350 years of history. This property was rebuilt and remodeled to become a 9-room boutique hotel, located in the Historic Center of the city of Arequipa, which has been considered a World Heritage Site since 2000.
The hotel manager, Rocío Valdivia, commented after the reopening: “We are very excited about the reopening of Acolpacha, as if it were the inauguration of the hotel. We have taken care of every detail of biosecurity with a special focus on training our team of collaborators. We are ready to serve all our clients and we wait for them to enjoy the personalized treatment in a boutique hotel with many stories to tell about the house and the different families that inhabited it. "

History and value 
Acolpacha Tambo Boutique Hotel is an ashlar mansion whose first construction stage was between 1574 and 1679, identified in its plans as “Casa de Masías” in honor of its first owners, the spouses Don Fernando Masías y Cote, born in the Duchy of Medina -Sidonia (Cádiz, Spain), and the Arequipa lady Micaela Ximénez Lancho y Medrano.
The house was transferred from generation to generation until it was sold to the Cruz Minaya family in 1879. From that moment on, several successions of rights and property transfers were carried out. 
In 2017 the Rivas Valdivia family acquired the property and began the restoration works that have been and are the cornerstone of this hotel project. In the enhancement of the house, more than two years were worked to secure and strengthen the structures, along with cleaning and a series of processes for the recovery of materials and facilities, also taking advantage of the more than 200-year-old ashlar, characteristic main of Arequipa architecture. 
Recognizing the historical value of the property, it was sought to recover even the smallest details in order to preserve its heritage and cultural legacy. After the reconstruction of the property, Acolpacha Tambo Boutique Hotel began to operate as a family hotel that to date is a great example of the warmth and personalization of the service in Arequipa. 
This property has a strategic location in the historic center, just five blocks from the Plaza de Armas, where one of the oldest stone bridges in Peru is maintained with streets that maintain colonial characteristics and recreate the entrance to the city.
The hotel has 9 rooms differentiated into three styles: colonial, republican and modern, three types of rooms that highlight the history behind the property. It also has the Galeria restaurant, located in a large colonial vault built with ashlar; and from the terrace you can enjoy a privileged view of the historic center and the volcanoes of the city. 

Sustainability in Acolpacha
In addition to having rescued the architectural value of a building over 350 years old, the hotel's commitment to caring for natural resources stands out. 
Acolpacha Tambo Boutique Hotel seeks to promote energy leadership and environmental development, with measures ranging from the implementation of solar panels that provide energy, filtering systems for yellow and gray water to be able to reuse water, and the use of reusable materials and products. biodegradable with its Eco & Cultural Store and EcoBikes services, among others.


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