Procolombia celebrated World Earth Day with an event about sustainable tourism

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Procolombia celebrated World Earth Day with an event about sustainable tourism
Wed April 21, 2021

On April 19, a virtual event was held on the future of tourism and the importance of sustainability in the Colombian tourism industry

ProColombia has organized a virtual event on April 19 to celebrate World Earth Day in advance. The Vice Minister of Tourism Julián Guerrero, the Vice President of Tourism of ProColombia Gilberto Salcedo and the CEO of Impulse Travel Rodrigo Atuesta participated.

During the talk, Guerrero affirmed that his management does not seek to recover tourism after the pandemic, but to march towards a new, much more sustainable one.

Currently, Colombia is ranked 19th globally in terms of energy sustainability; However, when the daily practices of its population are evaluated, and especially in the development of its tourism, the country is behind the 50th position. For this reason, for a couple of years it has been immersed in a process of "reconversion" of its tourism towards a sustainable model, with a strong acceleration from the start of the pandemic.

Colombian Vice Minister of Tourism Julián Guerrero commented: "I don't like to talk about 'recovering' tourism, because that would mean going back to what we had before, but rather 'reinventing it', working during the pandemic to get better."

The official listed a long series of policies that the ministry carried out to promote good environmental and social practices, but also to sanction violations of these norms. As incentives, he highlighted the tax reliefs and subsidies made available, while non-compliance with regulations can now lead to the closure of an establishment and the suspension of its National Tourism Registry (RNT), a basic requirement to provide tourism services. And all this, from the sanction of the new General Tourism Law, in 2020.
But in addition to being it, you also have to appear so, that is, know how to communicate it. And that is why Salcedo said that the objective is, on the one hand, to make Colombia a destination for the next 100 years; and, on the other hand, position it globally as a sustainable destination, both in the minds of travel consumers and in the trade offer. And then he showed the campaigns that were developed for those purposes.
"New passengers want to live experiences that connect them with nature," the official stressed, adding that the country can and wants to stand out in this segment. "We are ready for you to meet us," he concluded.
Finally, from the perspective of the private sector, which is the one that translates these experiences and attractions into specific products, Atuesta stated that "Colombia is going through a moment of great alignment in terms of sustainability" between the public sector and entrepreneurs, so the The great challenge of the activity is to think “how to tell all this in an experiential way”.


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