The government of Panama approves the IATA Travel Pass

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The government of Panama approves the IATA Travel Pass
Thu April 22, 2021

The Central American country is the first in Latin America to accept this new application from the International Air Transport Association

Panama has just taken a step forward in its strategy to strengthen the hub of the Americas by joining IATA in its efforts to promote the Travel Pass globally.

The International Air Transport Association thanked the Panamanian government for the decision through a brief statement from its Regional Vice President for the Americas Peter Cerdá. The official stated: "We are pleased that the government of Panama will allow passengers to use the IATA Travel Pass to manage their health credentials when they travel. Our cooperation with Panama in the adoption of electronic health certificates is a model for the region to follow. especially since the country provides Air Connectivity. Reliable and secure solutions for verification of health credentials are essential to win the trust of governments, restore consumer confidence and achieve a sustainable recovery for the industry. "

Luis Oliva, General Administrator of the Government Innovation Authority of Panama (AIG), said: "The development of solutions that facilitate travel is the result of a long history of fruitful collaboration with IATA. This latest joint initiative highlights our shared commitment to promote the adoption of digital health certificates that facilitate the resumption of international air travel. "

Parallel to the acceptance by the Panamanian government of the IATA Travel Pass, Copa Airlines will carry out a live test of the tool at the end of May. Upon completion, the airline aims to make the IATA Travel Pass available to its passengers as a one-stop-shop for verifying compliance with travel rules and storing applicable certificates, while providing governments with a full guarantee of the identity of the passenger and the authenticity of the credentials being received. 


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