Barceló Maya Grand Resort celebrates a large increase in the number of sea turtles

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Barceló Maya Grand Resort celebrates a large increase in the number of sea turtles
Thu April 22, 2021

The complex located in the Riviera Maya extends along 1.2 miles of beach is adjacent to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system and the National Protected Natural Areas

Green Globe recently recertified Barceló Maya Grand Resort for the third consecutive year in recognition of its commitment to preserving nature and the environmental initiatives implemented at the resort.

Sea turtle conservation
The complex's strong sustainable actions foster engagement with the local community and raise awareness of environmental issues. In accordance with federal, state and municipal laws and regulations on environmental issues and wildlife protection, the resort strives to protect sea turtles and help turtle populations proliferate along its 1.2 miles of beach. .
Turtle numbers have increased significantly since 2017 after large volumes of sargassum, invasive brown algae, were removed from the beach and surrounding marine waters. From 2018 to 2020, the sand dunes had a chance to recover. In 2018, 240 nest eggs were recorded which increased to 4,865 in 2020. In 2018, 615 sea turtles were successfully released and increased to 4,595 in 2020. The resort team members are very satisfied with their marine conservation efforts and the happy result.

Reforestation in green spaces
Reforestation with native specimens and tropicalized ornamental flora is another conservation activity carried out on the property. In an on-site nursery, 73 different plant species are propagated with approximately 60% of the plants grown for reforestation. Garden waste from pruning is composted to nurture gardens and green areas.
Green spaces within the property, including mangrove areas, are designed to complement environmental services such as aquifer recharge zones, microclimatic systems, oxygen generation, carbon capture, reduction of the effects of climate change, habitat conservation and species of flora and fauna and minimization of soil erosion. Striped iguana, cereque, raccoon, deer, squirrel, as well as resident and visiting birds are just some of the native animals that can be observed and enjoyed at the resort.

Effective resource management
Barceló Maya Grand Resort is committed to minimizing its environmental impacts on the surrounding areas. The measures implemented for the rational consumption of water, the efficient use of energy, the optimization in the use of materials and resources and the care of the environment through the use of non-toxic materials are part of a comprehensive sustainability management plan. that takes place at the resort. 
Most of the interior lighting at Barceló Maya Grand Resort is LED and a computerized building management system (BMS) controls energy savers and smart sensors installed in rooms, saving 25% of energy use. The luminosity of the outdoor areas is controlled by the BMS saving between 15 and 20% in energy consumption.
The sensors, with the highest water saving technology, are installed in sinks, showers, toilets and urinals. 100% of the wastewater is delivered to an efficient, high-tech water treatment plant. The treated water is used in part for irrigation or is injected into the subsoil in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Mexican government. The sustainable water treatment methods used ensure that groundwater is not polluted.

maintenance program Equipment maintenance is carried out continuously to avoid breakdowns and increase efficiency in the daily operation of the machinery. The Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) helps detect any leaks or wear in the hydraulic network system.


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