Bahia Principe commemorates International Mother Earth Day

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Bahia Principe commemorates International Mother Earth Day
Thu April 22, 2021

The hotel chain held several events and workshops to disseminate good practices that can be carried out to reduce environmental impact

The UN General Assembly designated April 22 as the International Day of Mother Earth through a resolution adopted in 2009. Thus, every year, the United Nations commemorates our Mother Earth through the initiative “Harmony with Nature ”, a platform for global sustainable development that annually holds an interactive dialogue on the occasion of the international day. Topics include methods to promote a holistic approach to harmony with nature and an exchange of national experiences on criteria and indicators to measure sustainable development in harmony with nature.

Este 22 de abril se reúnen millones de personas en todo el mundo en apoyo al medio ambiente, haciendo acciones las medidas pertinentes que debemos realizar para salvar nuestro planeta. En punto de las nueve de la mañana, en las instalaciones de Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Resort en conjunto con su fundación ecológica Eco-Bahía y el Centro Ecológico Akumal se dio por inaugurado el evento “Hablemos de biodiversidad” a  los niños de la comunidad cuidando todos los protocolos de higiene, se realizó un recorrido por las zonas de los manglares a cargo de la Directora de Eco-Bahía.

“For the foundation it is of utmost importance the education of the smallest of our community on issues of caring for the environment, the proper use of our natural resources, creating an ecological awareness about the importance of conserving biodiversity and not extracting wildlife, as well as the fundamental role that we all play in caring for Mother Earth ”, commented Katia Cordourier, director of the Ecological Foundation.

A talk was held about the bad practice of keeping wild animals as pets and the risks, as well as the consequences on the planet by Biologist Alejandra Roldán.

The students gave free rein to their creativity with educational games and painting their favorite animal with the collaboration of volunteers from the Akumal Ecological Center.

Around noon in the events room of the clubhouse, at the Tulum Country Club facilities, the “Organic Garden” workshop was held, taught by experts from the Akumal Ecological Center as part of the “Vida Verde” Program, where Residents and owners participated, in this activity they were made aware of all the great benefits that organic gardens have in our daily diet, learning the different cultivation techniques and the way in which this healthy discipline can impact positive way to the environment,

"Let us remember today more than ever on this International Mother Earth Day that we need a change in our actions to promote harmony with nature and the Earth." commented Mariela Lee, Marketing Manager of Tulum Country Club.

This year's theme is Restoring Our Earth, which focuses not only on the need to reduce the impact on the planet as we recover from the effects of Covid-19, but also on how we can do our part to repair the damage we have caused.


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