Air Europa is the first airline to implement Amadeus’ digital health verification

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Air Europa is the first airline to implement Amadeus’ digital health verification
April 23, 2021

Traveler ID’s health capability allows travelers to confirm their documentation at check-in without having to download any additional apps

The solution is also being integrated with various health platform providers so that the passenger will be able to retrieve their health records without leaving the airline's website or app

Air Europa is the first airline to pilot Traveler ID’s health capability, which allows passengers to certify they have the required health documentation at check-in without having to leave the airline's website or app.

This new Amadeus solution is fully integrated into the airline's IT system and aims to strengthen passenger confidence by making self-service check-in possible and allowing a more touchless travel experience, reducing the need to interact with airline staff. 

Since this week, and throughout the pilot phase, when passengers flying to Spain check-in with Air Europa, they will be able to confirm they hold the required health documentation by filling in a secure, automated form. This will register the information in the airline's own check-in system, allowing it to be referenced throughout the entire trip in a secure manner. 

Future releases of the solution will allow documents to be scanned or uploaded and automatically verified via shared QR codes with lab and health platform providers, as well as integrating with various digital health wallets such as CommonPass. This integration will provide further flexibility to passengers, offering them the opportunity to retrieve their digital records directly from these sources if they wish. 

These future enhancements will mean that the passenger no longer has to present their documentation, either at check-in or boarding, as their suitability to travel is registered in the airline's IT system. Avoiding the need for manual checks is a key step to allow for a frictionless journey, allowing passengers to travel smoothly through the airport and onto the plane.

Air Europa will also be expanding the use of this solution soon, making it available for passengers flying to any destination in the airline’s network.

 “Offering our passengers a connected and digital solution to facilitate their trip and instill the necessary peace of mind and confidence when getting on the plane is a priority for us. Thanks to Amadeus, Air Europa customers can now digitally comply with health regulations and can demonstrate this at any time during the trip,” says Oscar Riolobos, Air Europa's Web Business Manager.

“We are proud to implement the new health capability in Traveler ID today with Air Europa. This capability centralizes and streamlines the health document verification process, enabling an easy, contactless check-in experience. We are excited to see airlines benefit from this and in turn pass the advantage on to travelers. Traveler ID is one of the solutions offered by our Safe Travel Ecosystem. Our intention with the Safe Travel Ecosystem is to foster collaboration across the travel industry to help support the recovery of this critical sector," comments Monika Wiederhold, Amadeus' Global Program Lead for Safe Travel Ecosystem, and EVP Airlines Central & Eastern Europe.


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