Germany has the reopening of its borders to the Dominican Republic

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Germany has the reopening of its borders to the Dominican Republic
Mon April 26, 2021

The Minister of Tourism stated that the decision of the German government is a recognition of the effort being made in the country to achieve the total recovery of tourism

Germany ordered the opening of its borders to the Dominican Republic as a result of the hard work of the Tourism Cabinet, while the Dominican government announced the vaccination of all personnel working in the tourism sector.

This was reported this Friday at a press conference where the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña; the Ministers of Tourism and Foreign Relations, David Collado and Roberto Álvarez, as well as the German ambassador to the country, Volker Pellet.

Collado said that the German government's decision to remove the Dominican Republic from the high risk list is a recognition of the effort and work that is being done in the country to achieve the total recovery of tourism.

He recalled that the Dominican Republic is the favorite long-distance destination of the Germans, with the arrival each year of more than 250 thousand visitors from that nation, which also represents 15 percent of tourists who visit Samaná.

The German ambassador, Volker Pellet, said that his government's decision is a vote of confidence in the work carried out by the Dominican government to guarantee the health of those who visit it.

He indicated that due to this announcement, more flights will be registered from Germany to the Dominican Republic and that the Condor airline will immediately increase its frequency to this Caribbean country.

The Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Raquel Peña, thanked the German government for giving its citizens a "green light" to visit the Dominican Republic, where they work hard to guarantee the health and well-being of tourists and those who work in the sector. .

He also announced that the Government will immediately begin a vaccination program that covers all employees of the Dominican tourism industry, who exceed 500 thousand jobs.

At the press conference, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism, Vice President Peña also reported on another mass vaccination program for journalists in the Dominican Republic.

He stated that said decision is a step forward for the Dominican Republic to continue leading tourism throughout the region as the numbers have shown.

As of today, 233 thousand people with foreign passports have arrived in the Dominican Republic, so we will end up with about 290 thousand to 300 thousand foreigners as predicted at the beginning of the month.

Likewise, yesterday 10,111 tourists arrived in the country and continues the same growth rate after specifying that “the Dominican Republic has become a benchmark in the region for the good management of health protocols and the good management of tourism, so we will recover our tourism faster than we thought ”.


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