SkyTeam expands SkyCare & Protect Commitment

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SkyTeam expands SkyCare & Protect Commitment
April 27, 2021

The airlines of the alliance reinforce the protocol with technological innovation and a total of 22 measures

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, has reinforced its SkyCare & Protect commitment with digital solutions and more health and safety measures to restore customer confidence in air travel. With rapidly changing regulations, alliance member airlines are equipping customers with all the information they need, including the latest travel restrictions and how and where to book pre-trip COVID tests, to comply with before flying.

El compromiso de las aerolíneas SkyTeam con la higiene y la salud rigurosas se ha visto reforzado por la tecnología y ha aumentado de 15 a 22 medidas, entre las que se incluyen: verificador de requisitos de viaje en línea; Pruebas de sitios del localizador de laboratorios; embarque sin contacto; comunicaciones previas al viaje; y más. Y, para que los clientes estén completamente informados cuando regresen a volar, la alianza ha lanzado un nuevo video de SkyCare & Protect que explica el viaje del viaje de principio a fin.

“Providing real-time digitized information and expanding health and safety measures through SkyCare & Protect is another way that SkyTeam airlines are making travel safer and more seamless,” says Walter Cho, president of the SkyTeam Alliance. "Customers can trust us to provide them with all the information they need, including how to find and book the correct COVID test, while ensuring that safety protocols are aligned throughout their travel experience."

"Customers can travel safely and with peace of mind, thanks to our rigorous health and hygiene measures combined with innovative technology that provides all the information they need before flying," said Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines. "Customers can connect through our partner airlines knowing that SkyCare & Protect offers the highest standards of personal health safety and well-being, just as they have come to expect from Delta."

SkyTeam CEO Kristin Colvile said: “Numerous studies have shown the safety of flying during the pandemic and SkyTeam continues to find more ways to make it even safer. As air travel recovers, the enhanced SkyCare & Protect measures implemented among our members create a trusted network for the millions of passengers who look forward to welcoming them back on board. "

New SkyCare & Protect measures include:

  • Testing Labs Locator on member airline websites or on available in 16 languages ​​to help customers find and book the correct COVID-19 test with trusted providers in more than 18,600 locations around the world.
  • Details of the partner airline's COVID-19 policy are available through a mini-site or dedicated section, giving customers a clear idea of ​​what their journey will be like when flying codeshare services or connecting between airlines.
  • Access to a travel requirements checker on the websites of all 19 member airlines and
  • Pre-trip messages, including operating operator COVID-19 policies and reminders of current travel requirements for your destination.
  • Contactless boarding, to allow customers to self-scan their boarding passes at member centers, where operations allow, for a safer flight.
  • Revised boarding procedures to minimize contact between customers at gate and airlift areas and when boarding remotely by bus.
  • Enhanced onboard communication to remind customers of safe COVID measures in flight, such as mandatory face covering, required etiquette, and disembarkation procedures, that crews enforce.

SkyTeam launched SkyCare & Protect in June 2020. This 19-member series of health and safety measures cares for customers and employees across its global network. In addition to new digital enhancements, health and hygiene protocols include: heavy disinfection of aircraft; mandatory use of mask; frequent access to hand sanitizer stations in the centers; safe distancing; onboard service settings and more.


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