Hard Rock Hotels announces plans to open eight properties in Brazil

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Hard Rock Hotels announces plans to open eight properties in Brazil
April 27, 2021

Global hospitality and entertainment brand reveals new real estate developments in partnership with VCI SA

Hard Rock Hotels today announced plans for the development of eight hotels with approximately 3,000 rooms in several key Brazilian cities, including Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Ilha de Sol, Campos do Jordão, Foz do Iguaçu, Jericoacoara, Natal and Recife. The hotel properties, developed and owned by Brazil's real estate developer VCI SA, will be managed by the Hard Rock Hotel brand, which is recognized for the first-rate experiences it provides to guests from around the world. The addition of these properties to Hard Rock's diverse hotel portfolio marks the brand's continued international expansion with an increased emphasis on the best locations in South America.

Upcoming Brazilian Hard Rock hotels will showcase the country's vibrant, energetic and artistic culture through locally inspired design and unmatched live music experiences. While the design elements for each property will be different, world-renowned architectures and international interior design companies are working to acquire unique pieces to display throughout the properties. Along with interior design features, Hard Rock is actively acquiring authentic memorabilia from celebrated Brazilian artists to feature in its world-famous collection of more than 86,000 pieces and at each property, providing unique and memorable experiences to guests from around the world.

The properties are scheduled for completion in the next eight years and three projects are already under construction, with Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and the first phase of Ilha de Sol scheduled for 2022, Recife, Natal and the second phase of Ilha de Sol anticipated for 2024, Foz do Iguaçu anticipated by 2025, Campos do Jordão anticipated by 2027 and Jericoacoara anticipated by 2028. The development of eight new Hard Rock Hotels will create hundreds to thousands of jobs in the area and is expected to stimulate local economies. promoting tourism. In addition to the advancements created by physical construction, local executives are working to improve infrastructure, health, access to transportation, and social programs ahead of completion dates.

"Brazil is poised to become a major player on the world travel destination stage, with 10 Hard Rock Hotels slated for development in collaboration with three different partners, with VCI SA being the largest of the three," said Todd Hricko, senior vice president. President of Hotel Development at Hard Rock Hotels. "This announcement exemplifies great strides for Hard Rock's continued global growth, and specifically throughout Brazil, in the coming years."

"We are very excited to be working in partnership with Hard Rock to see the brand come to life in a new country," said Samuel Sicchierolli, President and President of VCI SA. "The next eight years will signify a new era for Hard Rock and we are honored to be able to assist in the development process."

In true Hard Rock style, all hotels will entice guests with a wide range of signature brand services, including The Sound of Your Stay® program, a three-part offering that puts guests in the rhythm with a player. in-room Crosley vinyl delivered to your door, an on-demand Fender guitar delivery, and a selection of handpicked playlists available for guests to stream or download. Each property will also offer a Rock Shop® and full-service Rock Spa®, with variable properties providing other traditional Hard Rock services.


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