NH Hotel Group, a pet friendy hotel chain

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NH Hotel Group, a pet friendy hotel chain
Wed April 28, 2021

The hotels in Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, Bogotá and Cartagena accept pets up to 15 kilograms or are guide dogs

NH Hotel Group, a consolidated multinational operator and one of the leading urban hotel companies in Europe and America, shares with satisfaction that in every city in the country where there is an NH hotel, it is ready to host our faithful friend.
“We are aware that leaving the pet under the supervision of another person is difficult when you go on a trip for a night or more. For this reason, NH Hotel Group is pleased to say that all its hotels in Colombia allow pets, specifically dogs up to 15 kilograms. We offer special services, in some cases inside the room. The idea is that this member of the household feels at home, thanks to the special beds, drinkers, feeders and quiet areas, where the owners and their dear friends can stroll and enjoy ”comments Óscar Restrepo, Regional Managing Director Colombia and Ecuador.
Our list of hotels that accept pets in the world is very wide and in Colombia you can choose at this time between the NH Cartagena Urban Royal, NH Cali Royal, NH Collection Medellin Royal, NH Collection Barranquilla Smarsuites Royal, NH collection Bogotá Teleport Royal, NH Bogotá Urban 26 Royal, NH Bogotá Urban 93 Royal, NH Collection Bogotá Hacienda Royal, NH Collection Bogotá Andino Royal, NH Bogotá Pavillon Royal, NH Bogotá Boheme Royal, NH Collection Terra 100 Royal and NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal.

NH policy for accommodation with pets
For the care of pets and the well-being of their companions, there are some rules that seek a happy coexistence for all guests. First of all, accommodation is subject to a prior request, as hotels have to respect a limit of animals per night. 


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