JW Marriott Mexico City at the forefront in remote or hybrid meetings

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JW Marriott Mexico City at the forefront in remote or hybrid meetings
Thu April 29, 2021

The iconic hotel in Polanco has transformed an event room into a virtual room with a “plug and play” concept and the highest technology without having to wait hours to carry out a transmission

JW Marriott Mexico City with all the security and sanitation measures transformed an event room, turning it into a space with the highest technology and with a “plug and play” concept so that guests and users can make remote transmissions such as webinars, workshops, conferences, trainings, interviews, etc., with highly trained personnel to use technical tools so that the result is a memorable event.

Llegar a un público más amplio en varias ubicaciones y con una combinación de asistentes presenciales y virtuales es posible con esta sala permanente de JW Marriott Mexico City, en ella pueden asistir todos los ponentes, solo un ponente o un mix de invitados sujeto a las normas de la Secretaría de Salud y de Marriott International que garantizan la seguridad de los asistentes sin perder la calidad para quienes participan de forma virtual.

Little by little, Mexico City is reincorporating activities, but technology is offering innovative concepts so that users and guests can connect with whoever they need, wherever they are. If the user opts for a hybrid meeting and / or for the speakers to be more comfortable, the gastronomic proposal of the property is available with the highest standards in selection of ingredients and preparation of dishes.

Virtual Room has a remote connection for all live stream platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Live, among others, it is also equipped with a 6.00 x 2.5 meter led screen, 2.6mm pitch, image processor with encore boat, resolume arena software, closed circuit with three cameras with option to more, frontal white light bath, floor lighting effects, state-of-the-art audio equipment.

Online and hybrid events in the tourism sector have come to stay, which is why the human team of the flagship property in Polanco is trained to support at all times ensuring the best result. 

In the tourism, business and meetings industry, adopting new technologies gives the opportunity to have a greater impact than expected, it also provides a great differential value to the participants, because these tools allow them to interact with each other and make them the true protagonists of the event. 


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